Monday, March 30, 2009

Pride Cup - March 2009

It started of as a joke - after we won the inaugral Feedback Cup. Next, we wanted to have a cricket tournament of all companies in our building.
It took almost 8 months for the idea to materialise but it did happen. One fine day, on the walls of Lokmanya Canteen was put up the notice announcing "Feedback Presents - The Pride Cup".

People enquired, and then we thought, we actually have to work on this!!! :-)
Eitherways, registrations were done, forms were handed out , ground was decided, all known formalities done, rules set out, schedules formed ........& the Pride Cup was on!! The only thing we did not do was practise cricket!!! All other teams did.....

A lot of issues came up during the process, which had to be handled, but alls well that ends well.....all in all a good experience, and an enjoyable one.

The tournament saw close to 2500 runs being scored and some stellar performances from teams like Kotak Royal Challengers and Thermofisher or the eventual winners Apex Honda "B". ------>

Best part : Me and Kiran cannot walk to the canteen unless we have had atleast 3 ppl nodding or waving out to us.....:)


This post has been put up as my sister regularly checks my blog and is disappointed when there isn't any new post :-)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Kya aapke toothpaste main namak hai......???

Student sleeping. Wakes up with a start. Cries out loudly,
Grandmother enters.

Granny : "Beta kya hua?? Koi bura sapna dekha??"Kid: Haan daadi, maine dekha, ke mere daaton main bahut dard hain aur main exam nahi de pa raha hoon...."
Granny : Beta, pareshan mat ho. Hamare desh main sadiyo se namak ki madad se daaton ka khayal rakha jaata hain. Tu
bhi namak se apne daat saaaf kar, tujhe kabhi dard nahi hoga ......
Ding dong!!!!!Pesh hain namak ke taakat ke saath....nayaaa Colgate Active Salt toothpaste. Is main hain calcium aur namak jo rakhe
aapke daaton ko saaf aur masoodo ko majboot!!!

Part of the "Advertisement" assignment where we have to re-do the Colgate Active Salt advert.....why??? Cos half the people in my class did not like the "Kya aapke toothpaste main namak hai?" advert......this is like a 50 marks test....

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Main bhool jaaoon tumhen......ab yahi munaasib hai.......

magar bhulaanaa bhi chaahoon, to kis tarah tum to phir bhi haqeeqat ho koi khvaab nahin..............

A beautiful rendition by Jagjit Singh.....its not possible, he says....

Well, life would be less complicated for a whole lot of people if they can just forget and move on.....go ahead, settle with the next best that comes your way.....and live happily ever after....

but no.....

in the silence of the night, in the loneliness of a crowd, the taste of the coffee, long distance travel,the client's dress, just normal routine activities, driving past favourite locations, on a website, some joke, some song, a movie, an incident, in the excel sheet trick he/she taught you, in some one's hairstyle, in some one's voice, in some one's eyes or smile.....the face is always there, looking back at you....& then start the questions.....

"what is she up to?"

"what if......???"

"is he happy???"

"did i make the right decision?"

"if i had made a stronger appeal....."


Maybe Ghajini should take his rod & start a business - making people forget.....people. No memories, no regrets, no related mood swings, no questions.....

I think Jagjit Singh is right.....