Monday, December 31, 2012

2012: Life impacting year…

KS keeps saying that if you can’t remember what you did for the last New Year’s eve, you have had a good year.

Well i remember the last many years, and considering they have been better than many years before, that theory can be contested. Also,since last 2 New years were welcomed at G-Adlabs, it wasn't difficult  to remember.

And so, like the last few years, this one was also over in a jiffy. Albeit, unlike the last few, life changing events took place this year.

First and foremost, after a lot of thought, deliberation, balancing self respect (or ego if you please) with pragmatic decision,  i re-joined Feedback and completed a year. Peace of mind has been exchanged with petrol money. and other expenses. Though, as much as i earn, it never seems enough. But my car is happy, gets a lot of attention! Driving down to office must be the best part of the day on almost all days. Life is a challenge every day, some of it needless, frustrating as well.  There is chaos, confusion, insecurity and low self esteem to deal with. As someone said, i was nicely relaxing in a sauna bath, now i am bathing in a gutter. But at the end of the day, there is a sense of accomplishment (however small). Exactly what was being sought. And the habits picked up during the stay in Frost & Sullivan, when implemented here, help find a work life balance (or something like that). How i manage 2013 with this same setup will very well decide where my life goes.

As mentioned earlier, my faith in the Indian cricket team is being tested severely. But not so much that it can be called life changing -that would need death or destruction of  the world! To most people this will seem stupid, but the ODI retirement of Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is one such thing. Because the ODI retirement points at the fact that the day when he will not step on the field to play is not far off. For someone who started following cricket in early 90s, he has been like the Queen. Always been there. A habit, as Harsha Bhogle said. For all his exploits in the Test Cricket, Sachin is an ODI great, nah, greatest of the greats! While he has been playing ODI on and off for some time, i really wasn't prepared for him to retire one day. To add to it, Rahul Dravid and VVS Laxman also retired this year. Will the next set of players deliver even half of what these stalwarts did? 2013 will tell.

And finally, i am now committed, engaged, whatever you call it. One fine day, i was single, next day i had a fiancĂ©e. Even with my normal decision making  speed, this was a surprise. Maybe her decision making speed added up. Maybe its all destined. Fact is, as the year is about to end, a new chapter in my life begins. 2013 promises to be interesting.

Happy New Year everyone!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

A stupid theory on rape, and reactions….

I had planned to write a post regarding the recent rape case in Delhi, thought it better wait for the head to be calm before i do so. Then this outrageous post showed up on Facebook.


Below are some reactions from friends. They have that skill penning thoughts in a civil manner despite the boiling blood, which i dont.

Subu Narayanan

I don't agree with this Manoj Dhokle at all.. rape is not done by impulse to be a reaction to provocative clothes.. If you Rachit see a beautiful girl in short clothes, will you rape her? Knowing you, even suggesting this is preposterous... A decent man has several opportunities to stop himself..stopping the thought from becoming actionable, stopping the action before being executed, stopping the action when the girl protests, stopping when the girl struggles, stopping when you see the anguish - fight - struggle - resignation in the girls eyes... we should stop blaming the victim.. our society has degraded to such an extent, it's deplorable.. I don't know what is the way to fundamentally change our mindset..

Bharati Peri

aap jaise mard jab tak is samaj mein hain tab tak yeh jurm hothe guys dont want to acknowledge that rape is crime- nothing can justify that will understand it only when one of your women folks would get raped- irrespective of she is wearing a saree, salwar, pants or skirts- a rapist is a criminal- he doesn't care about anything- if he has an opportunity he will rape no matter what!!!! On one hand we are raising our sons and daughters to be equal and on the other- we make such sexist remarks!!!! Rape is a crime and is not justified under any's like a robbers justifying their act of robbing you because you are rich!!! Looks like you guys would rather drape your mothers, sisters and daughters in a burkha to protect her instead of changing your attitudes!!!

Pehnao apni aurton ko burkha aur daalo unke pairon mein bediyaan- as if a woman is just an object that you can control any which way you please....what is the so called sanskruti you guys are talking about?? Since so many years men have forcibly defined and created a profile of "an ideal woman' who wears a saree (which btw is more revealing than salwar, shirt and pants), who gets up early in the morning, worships the tulsi, cooks for the entire family. never answers back, always is dependent on men and never does anything because SHE thinks is right. Looks like you men are scared of the educated independent woman who has just started to accomplish her life after so many years of struggle. Sanskruti should be voluntary not be forced upon the women folk, just because a woman refuses to fit your profile of a 'Traditional Woman' because she wnats to thing on her own and take her own decisions- you guys think you have the right to call her names, criticize her and even rape her!!!! Rape is the unfair and criminal act of a man against her will- under no circumstance it can be justified.....lets teach our sons to respect women no matter what- instead of raising them with such low grade mentality which makes them believe that if a woman is dressed different from their traditional outlook they have a right to rape her........each of you should be ashamed for supporting such low grade thoughts.....

Monday, December 10, 2012

Keep the faith...??

Between the Indian Test team and Fiat Auto, i have a good week of my faith in them being tested.

My love of cricket and the Indian team is known. I have been there with them,followed them supported them through thick and thin since 1991 (earliest memories). Through world cups, whitewashes, series wins, trashings, stupid coaches, match fixing accusations, politics, IPL and what not.

But the current scenario, the Ind-Eng test series which we are trailing 2-1 has really put up some question marks on how keenly I'll be following these guys. It's not just the favt that we have lost these tests,or wr have been completely outplayed in our own backyard(some one likened the losses to a north Indian failing a hindi test set by a madrasi in chennai), but thr way the team, the administration,BCCI are reacting to it. Populist. Denial. Arrogance are some words that come to mind. Read the related blog post by @sidvee . Beautifully expresses the emotions of people like me.
I  will still follow cricket,no doubt. But i am not sure if i can bear to watch this set, this generation of players who seem to give up without even pretending to put up a fight. I dont know, j am upset today, we might win at Nagpur and all will be well. Or maybe not. But for the first time i am not sure if the faith i have put in these guys is worth it.

The Punto,of course, is a different story. When i bought it, i was going against the opinions of a lot of people.
"mileage kam hai"
"spare parts nahi milenge"
"service issues hain"
"they will shut shop and go"
And a lot more. But i had the belief that it wont be all that an issue. Plus pyaar aise hi hota hai. So i went ahead and got it. My faith in the Fiat and Tata brands because of experince also helped. I even said - " i am born in Fiat and bought up in a Tata. Dont tell me about how good or bad they are,i know very well." Sounds cool, but i knew people will pounce me at the first hint of any problem.

Well, last monday, the gear lever decided it wont move. After nearly 22 months of near hassle free service, good mileage, prompt after sales and everything, this happened. I am glad it stalled in my parking lot and not the Karjat ghati where i had driven it to over the weekend. So, with the gear stuck, panic struck.
"will have to travel without car!"
worse - "public taane maaregi"

Called Fiat India breakdown call center. She probably did not mean it, but her voice and manner had a instant calm down effect. We will tow your car to service dealer, no cost. Within 30 mins that was done. Round 2 of panic - dealer says spares may take time, go to Wasan. Towing wala says that will cost 3k plus octroi. Wasan says spare will take time. Both wonder how i managed to get the shifter cable broken - it never happens! Finally Bhatti guya took it and saidmight take upto 15 days to get the part.
Then starts the fun. Right from " mhanun bol le lo gheu nakos" to " fiat chi service bekar aahe" "these cars are never good" and  "i had told you Tata backup is not good" all reactions panned out. Some of the more sympathetic ones wondered how the shifter broke considering i m a careful driver. I spent a better part of Tue,Wed,Thu and Friday fending off all this things.

And on Saturday,the dealer called. The parts are here. Car is serviced. And she will be back with me on monday. At hardly any cost!

Lets say one has failed me, as of now. The other did not, as of now. But moral of the story is : Keep the faith!

Bon Jovi said
"Faith: you know you're gonna live thru the rain
Lord you got to keep the faith
Now you know is not too late
Oh you got to keep the faith
Faith: don't let your love turn to hate
Right now we got to
Keep the faith
Keep the faith
Keep the faith
Lord we got to keep the faith"