Thursday, December 20, 2012

A stupid theory on rape, and reactions….

I had planned to write a post regarding the recent rape case in Delhi, thought it better wait for the head to be calm before i do so. Then this outrageous post showed up on Facebook.


Below are some reactions from friends. They have that skill penning thoughts in a civil manner despite the boiling blood, which i dont.

Subu Narayanan

I don't agree with this Manoj Dhokle at all.. rape is not done by impulse to be a reaction to provocative clothes.. If you Rachit see a beautiful girl in short clothes, will you rape her? Knowing you, even suggesting this is preposterous... A decent man has several opportunities to stop himself..stopping the thought from becoming actionable, stopping the action before being executed, stopping the action when the girl protests, stopping when the girl struggles, stopping when you see the anguish - fight - struggle - resignation in the girls eyes... we should stop blaming the victim.. our society has degraded to such an extent, it's deplorable.. I don't know what is the way to fundamentally change our mindset..

Bharati Peri

aap jaise mard jab tak is samaj mein hain tab tak yeh jurm hothe guys dont want to acknowledge that rape is crime- nothing can justify that will understand it only when one of your women folks would get raped- irrespective of she is wearing a saree, salwar, pants or skirts- a rapist is a criminal- he doesn't care about anything- if he has an opportunity he will rape no matter what!!!! On one hand we are raising our sons and daughters to be equal and on the other- we make such sexist remarks!!!! Rape is a crime and is not justified under any's like a robbers justifying their act of robbing you because you are rich!!! Looks like you guys would rather drape your mothers, sisters and daughters in a burkha to protect her instead of changing your attitudes!!!

Pehnao apni aurton ko burkha aur daalo unke pairon mein bediyaan- as if a woman is just an object that you can control any which way you please....what is the so called sanskruti you guys are talking about?? Since so many years men have forcibly defined and created a profile of "an ideal woman' who wears a saree (which btw is more revealing than salwar, shirt and pants), who gets up early in the morning, worships the tulsi, cooks for the entire family. never answers back, always is dependent on men and never does anything because SHE thinks is right. Looks like you men are scared of the educated independent woman who has just started to accomplish her life after so many years of struggle. Sanskruti should be voluntary not be forced upon the women folk, just because a woman refuses to fit your profile of a 'Traditional Woman' because she wnats to thing on her own and take her own decisions- you guys think you have the right to call her names, criticize her and even rape her!!!! Rape is the unfair and criminal act of a man against her will- under no circumstance it can be justified.....lets teach our sons to respect women no matter what- instead of raising them with such low grade mentality which makes them believe that if a woman is dressed different from their traditional outlook they have a right to rape her........each of you should be ashamed for supporting such low grade thoughts.....

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