Friday, July 31, 2009

Dont read.....some mindless things....

Last few weeks have been amazing, personally as well as professionally...... sharing some words/ phrases/things that i came across and my thoughts on the same....
  1. Bullshit - lost all faith in feelings, decency , professionalism (whatever that is!!). Increased tendency to act on reason rather than emotion / belief / gut feel/ own conclusions
  2. Tantrums - will never expect reasonable , responsible behaviour from anyone now, in fact not expect anything at all.....possible? not sure.
  3. Nalla - at loss of words!!! this was with regards my language/ expression of facts - maybe someone is right, but still......
  4. Service industry - get f*^#ed, do not complain, i think i better re look the way i talk to all tele marketers, waiters, drivers and others who classify as "service industry"
  5. Deliverable - do as asked to do, a function of position in hierarchy - also maybe linked to service industry
  6. Message - a verbal diarrhoea with a takeaway
  7. Commitment - you cant take a leave and go to Leh Ladakh (It's a different story that i am not going anyways because of exams).
  8. Overcommitment - do not get me started on this :)
  9. Bike - nothing like it when you are mindf*^%$d. Maybe its the power, the pickup , pure physics , the balancing of forces or the speed, the pure smooth straight line acceleration with the amazing stability..... heady, very heady. The best 10 secs of these last few days : Today, first signal at Godrej, first in line, signal green ........vrooom!!! . Had to stop at the next signal, but the world was a better place by then!!! :) ( Psst,Clint...Silky may also go in for bike soon, you also come here, we will have a biker gang!!!)
  10. Bike in the rains - :). Particularly , late night / early morning. Its fun to just chug along
  11. Faces - Old , new, known, unknown, on Facebook, or in the traffic, in a meeting or in a hotel - tell a lot....
  12. This is good, but - and bang goes the night........
  13. Planning / discussion - New development ; last 3 weeks me Akash, Deepak, Bhargav have been seriously contemplating our future - insightful discussions; surprising at times that we do think the way we do - should i be surprised, is it lack of self belief??

Monday, July 13, 2009

Feel like God.....

It took more than a year to learn riding my bike, to the point where just plain enjoy the ride.....last week, when i left for home at 5 in the morning, after continous 24 hours of work, dead tired, bleary was raining.....when i reached home, i identified with the tagline, more than i ever did!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Going by our luck.....

In our college, they have a system of paying for referrals, so sometime back Akash filled up a form, saying he had referred me and is eligible to get that 1 - 2k, something like that.
Anyways, today in the break, we went for coffee, and on the way back, went up to the notice board. One of the notices read " Referral cheques ready - Contact accounts".

"Akash, aapne ye referral form bhara tha na???"
"Haan, kyun, kya hua?"
"Cheques ready hain apparently"
"Accha, chalo jaake poochte to hain"

We go up to the office and ask the accountant about it. She asks some questions, takes out a bundle of cheques, about 30 in number, sifts through them, all the while talking.... "i remember you filled the form, let me check, one of the cheques hasn't come..." and goes through the entire bundle.....
"What are the chances, that one missing cheque is ours????"

She says "Aapka nahi aaya, i'll check and let you know"

C'est la vie