Sunday, July 5, 2009

Going by our luck.....

In our college, they have a system of paying for referrals, so sometime back Akash filled up a form, saying he had referred me and is eligible to get that 1 - 2k, something like that.
Anyways, today in the break, we went for coffee, and on the way back, went up to the notice board. One of the notices read " Referral cheques ready - Contact accounts".

"Akash, aapne ye referral form bhara tha na???"
"Haan, kyun, kya hua?"
"Cheques ready hain apparently"
"Accha, chalo jaake poochte to hain"

We go up to the office and ask the accountant about it. She asks some questions, takes out a bundle of cheques, about 30 in number, sifts through them, all the while talking.... "i remember you filled the form, let me check, one of the cheques hasn't come..." and goes through the entire bundle.....
"What are the chances, that one missing cheque is ours????"

She says "Aapka nahi aaya, i'll check and let you know"

C'est la vie


Take a Hike said...

which college u doing ur MBA ?

Rachit said...

ITM college, Navi Mumbai. Its a weekend MBA thing