Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thursday, February 17, 2011

To TA....!!!

Main to akela hi chala tha manzil ki taraf,log aate gaye karwan banta

{Karwan : caravan ( ) n. A company of travelers journeying together, as across a desert or through hostile territory.}

For some reason, this thought came to my mind today w.r.t TA.

For one, it captures how TA came into being - like and unlike people from diffrent quarters (pun intended!) coming together.....and each fighting thier own wars....believing they are better than the circumstances they are in.....

For two, it could be because when you say caravan, you see visions of carts or wagons in a line. Well, in todays world we have 2 and 4 wheelers. And as far as 5 core TA members go, the caravan includes 2 cars, 5 bikes. This number will increase in the near future. The potential is immense.

Me and Silky agreed sometime back, TA is doing well, against the odds set in 2003 - 2004. Me and Clinton agreed today, we are spoiling ourselves!!

Cheers guys!

PS : For those who dont know what TA is, its meant to be that way!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

The world at large......

..... Doesnt care what happens with Binayak Sen. Thats what makes him the easy prey. Being made out an example. WTF, why doesnt anyone catch a real maoist leader and make him an example. Killing a soldier or an innocent is a crime.Criticising the Salwa Judum isnt, and certainly not sedition.

....... Seems shocked at the possibility of the Talwar's being the murderers of thier only daughter Arushi. Cant get why. There are a 1000 instances where parents do kill thier own children. The supposed honour killings? The child sacrifices to gain immortality or some shit like that. Are they any different? So why the shock and disbelief in this case, just because they are well connected, educated people. So what, there can be many reasons why they would want the kid / servant out of the way and the other was just an associated damage. I wouldnt be the least surprised if they are proven guilty. But let them be innocent till then.

......... Is looking at Egypt like a reality show. Its a set of long oppressed politicians and diplomats trying to overthrow another set of oppressive politicians leveraging the people's hardships. The Army is being opportunistic, will remain key influencer under guise of maintaining democracy. Why are such simple things missed out on in the romanticised ideas of revolution, liberation, aspirations and blah blah.


Monday, February 7, 2011

She is here….

Enough said.



Finally! After atleast 2 years of planning, hoping , arranging, cancelling, deferring, pleading, cajoling, requesting, saving, researching, shortlisting. 


PS: Clint, it’s going to be a biased review that you will get :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Not that I am getting my car tomorrow, but still even if I do, i cannot take delivery cos of some inauspiciousness in these 2 days - amavasya or whatever, my car has headlights to provide for light not provided by the moon. But still....

But as per learned men, i need to wait till 5th, auspicious. Ok, fine. Jahan itna ruke hain....

The colour of the car ideally would have been black. But some learned man insisted dark colours don't suit me and its just good luck that the premium colour is available, else we would have had 3 silver colour vehicles. (i am quite a showoff na?)the same logic was applied in bike purchase. The seat covers are also not completely black, black and grey.

A friend of mine believes in numbers affecting us. So if the total of all digits in your registration number equals 8, its not considered good. If its 7, awesome. 1 is also considered good - by pure chance, the reg numbers of my bike (8740) and dad's car (3889) both add up to 1.He told that to the dealer as well. When she was about to send the file to RTO she calls me and asks if I want her to instruct RTO to make sure the number dsnt add up to 8. It will cost 3k. I say no. Then she asks if u want your lucky number 1. I said 'madam, if i spend money to get a certain number, its already causing me a loss, to kidhar ka lucky, will you please let the number come up as per sequence?" (though if it comes up 1 once again, i'l pay next time onwards just to keep the trend going). Felt quite happy about it, that finally decided something about the car, when in fact all i decided was that i'll do nothing about the number! No pandit, numerologist or palmist or parrotist for that matter will decide tha..... So lets see what comes up....

So after all this the car may come home in a day or 2. Parking is still a dicey issue but worst case i'll go and sleep in the car!

But 3 more days...... I hate pandits (irrespective of the fact that, on paper at least, i am one)