Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sick thoughts........

In the Tom Sawyer book, whenever Tom was ill, he would imagine himself so sick that he was about to die. Today evening, after 2 days of sneezing and sniffing, i started feeling feverish and was shivering like anything. Like Tom, I also felt the end is near. Its a different story Tom's character is a teenager and I was one 10 years back! Anyways, rest and medication coupled with insomnia means I am better,not completely well, and cannot sleep.
Come to hate the weather here, cold hot cold hot......WTF! Delhi was good - cool, cold, coldest but all manageable.
Finding it difficult to do what I should be doing. N says I need a change, i say, again? Guess, I am just bored. T says get married. Dunno if that will improve matters or make them worse.
Recently blocked all communications with someone who responded rudely to a well meaning advice,which was asked for. I think that's a nice thing to do. Such people dont deserve time or attention. Learnt this from Manish Tiwari from the Indian National Congress. (Is it still called that?)
While on the subject, we are looking at scams of huge magnitudes, but what to people do with so much money? I mean, some of it may fund elections, but say even 100 Cr in your Swiss account and your life time aint enough to spend it. Plus if you stay in public life, you are not using it!Has our PM, who is counted as one of the finest brains in our country, succumbed to the trappings of power. Recently stated how its a privilege to work under the leadership of Sonia G. Knows which side his bread is buttered. No harm in knowing that, but acting accordingly? Thats not what he expect from him. Sycophancy is a Congress quality, but we would expect him to stay above it, speak his mind and do the right thing about his corrupt ministers. Coalition dharma be damned!!!! And Rahul G needs a new team of people who do real time research and tell him ground realities. He needs to know the voters have seen through the Congress's vote bank politics and moved on. Voter's world has real world problems and in most cases helping solve those gets you the votes. Look at Bihar, look at UP and MP. Crown Prince has managed to look quite dumb over the last few months, and I think, thats the result of some senior party leaders scheming. Obvious right, they toil for 25 - 30 years to reach near the top and this guy just reached the top just like that???
How important is acceptance? Sachin Tendulkar, Vinod Kambli and some fellow called as Ranade were the best of friends at one point of time. Today Ranade is a small time umpire, Kambli saw some success before being lost in the wilderness and Sachin we all know. Are Ranade and Kambli still cribbing about thier lives compared to Sachin or have they accepted thier destiny and moved on? On the other hand, at what point would they have decided they are nowhere close to Sachin and decided to move on...... Cos its likely they stopped trying and passed up oppurtunities. Tricky.
And while on the subject, Sachin proved why he is considered an all time great. Delayed the inevitable defeat but played one if the greatest knocks of his life at Centurion along with Dhoni. Interesting partnership - onw batsman with the best technique in the world and other with no technique whatsover.
Is TA really cursed in the matters of the heart? Or is it just a case of kisi ko mukkamal jahan nahi milta, kabhi zameen to kabhi aasmaan nahi milta...... Anyways, core TA has had a marriage now, and the new member has already said 'Get lost' to a TA welcome party :( Lets see.
And I am still looking for a reason. If I get that, 2 problems would be solved. but...... Again, lets see.....


Anonymous said...

Not that sick....somethings make sense.

Take a Hike said...

reason for what?

Rachit Tiwari said...

buy a car! the desire, the funding , the parking all are in place!

Take a Hike said...

then go ahead and buy one.

People generally don't buy just one car, so if this one doesn't work out sell it later and buy another.

For chrissake it's just a car, not a wife.

Rachit Tiwari said...

ou are not getting the point....with a wife i'll do something, the car would just stand for 5 days a week! Read previous posts..... else u gift me the car... the i wnt worry about justifying the payout... aaj Christmas hain.... Bhaiya Santa de do gaadi!!!

Anonymous said... the last post by the blogger...i like your optimism (refer first part of post) :)

Rachit Tiwari said...

I am a cautious optimistic!