Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The last year of engineering…..

The last year of my engineering was the only one worth remembering. Some occasions, some people made it so. Some memories.

(A nostalgic moment in the digital world. Was trying to create space on my hard disk by looking up some old files that can be deleted and came across some of these snaps, others are courtesy Clinton's Picasa link. Most of these snaps are from 2003 and 2004)


I hate the day I was not a part of this snap above. It has been described as legendary, epic and this is one of those things that make me wish I could go back into time and correct the wrong :(


By all measures, this was an awesome trip. New Year’s eve at Alibaug. I have spent hours and hours listening to all that happened here. Its been 6 – 7 years and all people still talk about this trip. While some fun was standard, some wasn't, like the snap of Ramu and Vishal arguing because someone attempted more questions than the other in an exam!!!  Akash and Clinton exhausted after football. …..there are many stories from this trip….I so wish i could go back to this.


Making a point, and Gamri (Sarang) listening as well…… this is Sagar Vihar i think.


All of us @ Grand Central, Chembur after the farewell party.

Sitting : Navin, Jeddy, Rajeev, Sarang, Siddharth

Standing : Bhargav, Clinton, Me, Vijay, Jaideep, Neeraj, Ramu (Yes, he is there), Akash, Vishal, Sushant



The Project AGV team (Ravi, Clinton,Mr.Taktawala,Rachit, Naushad) in Ahmedabad.

F1310012F1310004F1310015  F1310017F1310019

Some learning, some posing, some fun! 2 days practical experience was much better than the year long theory we studied! This was an interesting group. While other groups fought about lack of initiative, not taking responsibility etc, we argued over bigger issues like Ram Mandir, Gaza strip and so on. Responsibilities were never an issue, we were like a company – Miya and Ravi were operational in charges, Clinton for finance and Logistics and I took care of HR and PR (seemingly simplest of all!). I don't recollect one meeting where we discussed what has to be done, even when we tried. Most visits to BARC were to copy assignments and spent discussing which canteen to have lunch and post that lying about on the soft green grass….


With Megha at the farewell party, this is the only snap of me from the party, thanks to Bhau! I had refused to go the the party and went only when dad gave his car. I was just sitting around away from people, consciously not getting clicked. I still cannot believe how she was ready with her pose even as she was talking with me!


Some traditional day. I think Clinton and Bhargav are in black as a part of a plan. Surprisingly, Baba isn't in black! The absurd Surd Hardajeet seen here…..


With Priyank (tallest in the group). This snap is bit after college got over. If their is ever something like the unlikeliest company I would be seen in – this is that place. Though this was before the orkut / facebook era.


After some chilled out evening. This is the day when Akash pointed to a mallu and said – Tiwariji, ask him to go, else i’ll whack him!!

I said : Whack!


Ravi and Sriniwas with Prerna, Neha, Jasmeet. Me and these girls were absolute strangers for the first 3 years, had a lot of fun in the final year!


Swathi and Deepti, that's the clearest snap I could get from the farewell day.


Manish Patil and Thale sir, one support another encouragement….

 TA07 TA08

Another new years eve, and this time I was there. @ Carter road.

That, i’d say, was a good year…..


Sushant G. said...

I just love this..and I am putting it up in my FB :)

Swathi said...

half a line is all i get??????????

Megha said...

Loved it ;)

Anonymous said...

Nostalgic... Miss the good Old days...
And I should have Wacked him i guess....