Monday, December 13, 2010

Band Baaja Baraat……


No, this post is not about Bhargav’s wedding, that will be a separate post.

This is about the movie Band Bajaa Baarat that I saw today. A simple, entertaining movie which has been narrated in a simple manner. And more than anything else, unlike most romantic stories, it makes sense. It isn't your typical ‘love conquers all movie’. I would not even call it an emotional one, to me this is a practical one. Both parties at fault, both need to own up. When you love someone, tell them. And tell them when the time is right. And tell it in simple, clear words. Don't assume you love someone will lead to that person loving you – may happen, may not happen, they may realize after some time, or as Bittu says, ‘ghaas nahi dalenge”. No hints, no half hearted attempts. Else better to forget about whom you want to as your life partner. Mom dad will get you someone!!!

Set in the city I have come to love over the last one year – Delhi (5 trips so far, all productive, all seasons seen, all issues seen, all kinds of people met). The language is mostly Punjab, Haryana, UP Hindi and this movie is a delight for anyone from that belt.

Both the lead actors have done a good job being friends, business partners, lovers, enemies and competitors at various stages. Anushka Sharma has definitely shown acting skills in some scenes,apart from looking good, while Ranveer plays the role of a happy go lucky guy with elan. Hope they do well in the future as too.

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