Monday, July 23, 2012

10k tales!


I had plans to tell you 5k, 6k, 7k tales, lekin mazaak mazaak main 10k ho gaye!!!

Aankhon mein raha…….


Aankhon main raha dil mein utar kar nahi dekha
Kashti ke musafir ne samandar nahi dekha !!

Be waqt agar jaun ga sab chaunk paren ge
ik umar hui kabhi din mein ghar nahi dekha

Jis din se chala hun meri manzil pe nazar hai
aankhon ne kabhi meel ka pathar nahi dekha

yaaron ki mohabbat ka yaqeen kar lia main ne
phoolon mein chupaya huwa khanjar nahi dekha

mehboob ka ghar ho keh buzurgon ki zameeneN
jo chor dia phir usse mur kar nahi dekha

Pathar mujha kehta hai mera chahne wala
Main mom hun us ne mujhe chu kar nahi dekha

Wo mere masaail ko samajh hi nahi sakta
jis ne meri aankh mein samandar nahi dekha....


Friday, July 20, 2012

Had to happen.....

Turkish Airlines rocks!!! My flight from Izmir to Istanbul is today. Istanbul to Mumbai is tommorow. Its seems they are connected and I'll get my checkin baggage in mumbai now! Theyd did say 'Have a nice flight tommorow!'

its a bloody strategy to make sure i buy the 'I love Istanbul' tshirts!

This had to happen, this tour and study had been completed very smoothly.

I take some solace in the fact that i am not the only one with whom stuff like this happens! There was a Chinese dude too, he will get his luggage in Shanghai....

Friday, July 6, 2012

Same old, insomniac rants....

Its 1.30am. I am far from sleeping. Have to get up at 4am. But considering the plan for tommorow, i am likely to sleep soundly tomorrow night. Will have to, got to work on saturday as well. I am now truly back - 2 briefing meetings, 2 new project plans, 2 travel plans, one pending report and too little time. Song on mind - Somewhere i belong! Sadly, the CR will have to wait. Thats fine i guess, in theory its waited 12 years already :P

It was A's last day in the company today, she had started her work (and by extension, her career) with me on a project. She went out right after completing a project with me. ( no no,she didnt blame me, cited personal reasons). The company wanted me to ask her to stop, they didnt realise she was here for over 2 years cos i was asking her to stop. Hmmmm. Well, people move on.

The Turkey trip coincided nicely with the break in Indian Cricket. Its only when i came back that i realised, except for stray articles, i hardly followed cricket over the stay duration. Always believed i will die if i do not get cricket updates, but i guess i was wrong. Good work, Euro 2012 and a lovely place were good enough distractions to move on to.

I also survived living without paneer ( as we know it).

I wonder why Sachin just doesnt retire from ODIs. But since people far more qualified are struggling to find an answer, i wont even try to find.

Anyone excited about God's Particle? As a follower of applied Phyics, i am not. And trying to mix science and religion is irritating. ("Have we seen a glimpse of God??" asked Sagarika Ghose.)

Once in a while, very rarely, on a certain need based occasion, i do miss my bike. But then i go on a drive and the world is a nice place to be in.

I have a feeling i'll sleep in the meeting tommorow. And its chemicals :( second study in a row on chemicals, one more and i'll resign (again!).

Remember that medical test thing i had told you about. The only problem with me is extra weight it seems.