Friday, July 6, 2012

Same old, insomniac rants....

Its 1.30am. I am far from sleeping. Have to get up at 4am. But considering the plan for tommorow, i am likely to sleep soundly tomorrow night. Will have to, got to work on saturday as well. I am now truly back - 2 briefing meetings, 2 new project plans, 2 travel plans, one pending report and too little time. Song on mind - Somewhere i belong! Sadly, the CR will have to wait. Thats fine i guess, in theory its waited 12 years already :P

It was A's last day in the company today, she had started her work (and by extension, her career) with me on a project. She went out right after completing a project with me. ( no no,she didnt blame me, cited personal reasons). The company wanted me to ask her to stop, they didnt realise she was here for over 2 years cos i was asking her to stop. Hmmmm. Well, people move on.

The Turkey trip coincided nicely with the break in Indian Cricket. Its only when i came back that i realised, except for stray articles, i hardly followed cricket over the stay duration. Always believed i will die if i do not get cricket updates, but i guess i was wrong. Good work, Euro 2012 and a lovely place were good enough distractions to move on to.

I also survived living without paneer ( as we know it).

I wonder why Sachin just doesnt retire from ODIs. But since people far more qualified are struggling to find an answer, i wont even try to find.

Anyone excited about God's Particle? As a follower of applied Phyics, i am not. And trying to mix science and religion is irritating. ("Have we seen a glimpse of God??" asked Sagarika Ghose.)

Once in a while, very rarely, on a certain need based occasion, i do miss my bike. But then i go on a drive and the world is a nice place to be in.

I have a feeling i'll sleep in the meeting tommorow. And its chemicals :( second study in a row on chemicals, one more and i'll resign (again!).

Remember that medical test thing i had told you about. The only problem with me is extra weight it seems.

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