Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Best use of time......

Is to blog. Especially when you are waiting alone at the airport.Waiting,cos i reached early. Delhi traffic moved faster than we thought it would. Greater Noida to airport in just over an hour has to be a miracle - and a credit to the drivers driving skills. The Innova moved as if its an auto.

The guy next to me in the morning flight is also waiting here.

Its the start of winter in Delhi. You can feel the dryness, and the chill (ok, as much as you can feel @ 19 deg cel.) But yeah, the shawls and sweaters and mufflers are out in full flow here!

Another auntie whom I had seen in the morning flight is here. Has a kid. Inki twacha se inki umar ka pata hi nahi chalta!

The Noida expressway is amazing. Pain is in reaching there.

Looks like flight delayed.

Height may have advantages, but the disadvantages are painful. Its difficult to fit into seats in planes, buses or cars. And you have to stretch out and put on the projector at the clients office.

One Muslim lady very agitated. She was checked very throroughly it seems - asked to remove coat and head scarf. Her logic is would you check a girl in mini skirt. Ab usko kaun samjhaaye ki mini skirt main check karne ko bacha kyaa....???

Boarding announced.

Monday, October 25, 2010

In short......

Movies - Jhoota hi sahi was good. TP. Though i wonder if such people exist - confused in love. Robot bored me. For whatever reason, i find the Thalaivar amusing, nothing more. Guess it would take a certain kind of mind to accept and enjoy that kind of movie. But then, i enjoyed Dabbang! Wall Street was one good movie. Greed is still good. I am dissapointed by the Action Replay trailer itself. Hope Guzarish and Golmaal 3 do not dissapoint.

Focus - It's a good thing to have. Last week. I went with an auto guy who started looking around all the over place, into his auto, next guys auto and so on the moment we stopped in the jammed traffic. When the traffic moved, the vehicle ahead would move ahead, he would be caught unawares, by the time he moved, some other vehicle would come in front of us. This way, this guy cost me about 5 mins. I reached office at 9.42 and was marked late by a mere 2 minutes.

Destiny - Bhargav, the safest of drivers I have known, and his family (including his infant bhanja) had a horrible car accident. That all of them are safe can now be attributed to Him and his designs! My belief in His mysterious ways has been reinforced! Cricket - The Australian team went back without winning a single game. Unfortunate in the ODIs though. But that has probably has dented their confidence before the Ashes.

Confusion - This is funny. Now that my new office has moved to Chakala, one thing is certain, i'll never take a car to office. Plus there is a parking problem there too. So, even if i do buy a car, i'll still travel by bus/auto. So, in theory, i dont need a car - no reason to buy one. Then comes the problem of not having a parking place where i stay. And then the problem of down payment. Still, all this has not stopped my mind from being confused about should i go in an used Scorpio or a new Punto. Or maybe even the new Fabia, the i20 or the Indica. Loads of confusion.

Thanks - This is my 100th post. Not a huge achievement compared to many bloggers like Amitabh Bacchan. But when i started out, i was not sure i would continue for long. Infact was sure I would stop soon. But i started enjoying the idea of putting across my point without worrying about who would care to know! As it turns out, you people do! Thanks!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Songs provoked thoughts….

I settled into the seat as comfortably as i could. Its going to be a long journey. 2 hours at least. Better not to complain, had it not been the first stop, I would have stood all the way.

Next seat guy has an iPod. So do I. Nice companion when travelling. Entertains, prevents from thinking. It would be so nice if one could think at will. And not think at will. No idle mind, no devils workshop.

Set the favorites playlist. The song starts in the singer’s soulful painful voice.

Kab khayal aapka nahin hota,
dard dil se juda nahin hota…..

Aaaah, pain. Loss. There it is again. What the iPod was supposed to help avoid. Useless thing. But then, its a thing. The feeling is mine. Its with me. Yesterday, it was the AC in office that provoked it. What’s chill got to do with your state of mind?

Haal e dil kis tarah likhun unko,
hath dil se juda nahin hota.

Isn't it stupid? Tell them what you are going through when they are very cause. And why would I want to keep my hand away from my heart. No one seems to be bothered. I’ll live with my pain, thank you.

Dil ne kuch un se keh diya hoga,
bevajah wo khafah nahin hota.

But isn't it also stupid to live with it. Well, i guess, you have to live with the consequences of what you do….. or don't.

Wo khafah hote hein to hone do,
wo kisi ka khudah nahin hota.....

Moving on is the best thing. Let those who want to play God, do so. One cannot undo what has happened. There doesn't seem to be a way back, so its better to find a way ahead. And anyways, its not as if I'll die. Enough things, good and bad, in the world to replace a part of life you couldn't have. And soon or later, dard dil se juda ho jayega……

To quote Martin Luther King Jr - “We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope."

Next song. Perfect.

Ek brahman ne kaha hai ki ye sal aacha hai …

Naye wado ka jo jal dala hai wo aacha hai ….
Rehnumaooo ne kahan hai ki ye saal aacha hai….

Dil ke khush rakne ko ’ghalib’ ye khayal aacha hai …..

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Another question worth asking........

The need is not defined. Infact, there is no need as such.
Then there are the influencers.
More important, affordability. Credit is good, but rest is a f*#@$d case.
Though thats in relative terms. Revise expectations, all is well. Expectations, along with desires,infatuations, they say, are the root cause of unhappiness. They are right.
Lets see which way happiness is achieved - revising expectations or fullfilling the need that doesnt exist! In a way, a revision has already happened, but then the expectation was too high!

Dilbert's co-worker once typed out a 3 page note on her Carpal Tunnel problem. Dilbert asked her, 'are all your troubles self inflicted?' I think that same question can be asked to me.
C'est la vie........

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A question worth asking.....

तेरा चेहरा ही आईने जैसा
क्यो ना देखु, है देखने जैसा

तेरा चेहरा ही आईने जैसा

तुम कहो तो मै पुछ लूँ तुमसे
है सवाल एक, पुछने जैसा
दोस्त मिल जायेंग़े कई लेकिन
ना मिलेगा कोई मेरे जैसा

हम अचानक मिले थे जब पहले
पल नही है वो भुलने जैसा

तेरा चेहरा है आईने जैसा

Likhne waale ne kya likha hain..... Jagjit Singh ne kya gaaya hain!!!!