Monday, October 25, 2010

In short......

Movies - Jhoota hi sahi was good. TP. Though i wonder if such people exist - confused in love. Robot bored me. For whatever reason, i find the Thalaivar amusing, nothing more. Guess it would take a certain kind of mind to accept and enjoy that kind of movie. But then, i enjoyed Dabbang! Wall Street was one good movie. Greed is still good. I am dissapointed by the Action Replay trailer itself. Hope Guzarish and Golmaal 3 do not dissapoint.

Focus - It's a good thing to have. Last week. I went with an auto guy who started looking around all the over place, into his auto, next guys auto and so on the moment we stopped in the jammed traffic. When the traffic moved, the vehicle ahead would move ahead, he would be caught unawares, by the time he moved, some other vehicle would come in front of us. This way, this guy cost me about 5 mins. I reached office at 9.42 and was marked late by a mere 2 minutes.

Destiny - Bhargav, the safest of drivers I have known, and his family (including his infant bhanja) had a horrible car accident. That all of them are safe can now be attributed to Him and his designs! My belief in His mysterious ways has been reinforced! Cricket - The Australian team went back without winning a single game. Unfortunate in the ODIs though. But that has probably has dented their confidence before the Ashes.

Confusion - This is funny. Now that my new office has moved to Chakala, one thing is certain, i'll never take a car to office. Plus there is a parking problem there too. So, even if i do buy a car, i'll still travel by bus/auto. So, in theory, i dont need a car - no reason to buy one. Then comes the problem of not having a parking place where i stay. And then the problem of down payment. Still, all this has not stopped my mind from being confused about should i go in an used Scorpio or a new Punto. Or maybe even the new Fabia, the i20 or the Indica. Loads of confusion.

Thanks - This is my 100th post. Not a huge achievement compared to many bloggers like Amitabh Bacchan. But when i started out, i was not sure i would continue for long. Infact was sure I would stop soon. But i started enjoying the idea of putting across my point without worrying about who would care to know! As it turns out, you people do! Thanks!

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akash.Ingle said...

Congratulations on your 100th Blog... Miss watching movies a lot.... Thanking god for Bhargav...Car lena hai to lelo yaar, life main jyada nahi sochna chahiye....And i read your blog so u should read mine ok ;-)...All the best