Sunday, August 30, 2009

She wont like it….

Today evening, at the coffee shop, there was this couple sitting in the opposite table. The girl (good looking) was talking, the guy was listening – another girl (good looking) passed by and this fellow forgot to listen & was just looking her (for maybe 10 secs)….that instant, the expression on the girls face was a mix of anger & hurt.

I think i saw the same look on my bike today.

But what to do!!! Bhargav’s Royal Enfield Thunderbird commands the attention !!!

Today, after our exam, me & Akash went to check out his “Dulari”. & found him riding on the new road near Ghansoli… style, hair flowing & all…

We took turns trying it out ……… & wow!!!


You know, its amazingly smooth, at 70, i realised i am not on 5th gear yet!! Handles well, looks great, feels great (the power rush has to be felt to be believed), & no problems turning round!!!

Believe me, in that 5 minute ride , all was forgotten – yesterday’s rotten paper, tomorrow's problems, today’s problems, irritating people, unresolved problems, client …… everything.

& somewhere in between, i had the same 10 secs like the guy at the cofee shop….

I am sure she did not like it.

Sorry sweetheart!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kuch is tarah…. (Sung by Atif Aslam)

कुछ इस तरह तेरी पलकें मेरी पलकों से मिला दे
आंसू तेरे सारे मेरी पलकों पे सजा दे

कुछ इस तरह तेरी पलकें मेरी पलकों से मिला दे
आंसू तेरे सारे मेरी पलकों पे सजा दे

तू हर घड़ी हर वक्त मेरे साथ रहा है
हाँ यह जिस्म कभी दूर कभी पास रहा है
जो भी ग़म हैं यह तेरे उन्हें तू मेरा पता दे

कुछ इस तरह तेरी पलकें मेरी पलकों से मिला दे
आंसू तेरे सारे मेरी पलकों पे सजा दे

मुझको तोह तेरे चेहरे पे यह गम नहीं जंचता
जायिज़ नहीं लगता मुझे गम से तेरा रिश्ता
सुन मेरी गुजारिश इसे चेहरे से हटा से
सुन मेरी गुजारिश इसे चेहरे से हटा से

कुछ इस तरह तेरी पलकें मेरी पलकों से मिला दे
आंसू तेरे सारे मेरी पलकों पे सजा दे

Quitting my job.....

& taking up one better suited to my skills.
Serious, this new job is for forecast ....all i have to do is never get it right!! i do that beautifully....

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ashes 2009...

England win, Aussies (Ponting, more importantly) loses and me and my boss congratulate each other.... sport sure can drive the world crazy....we know someone who was willing to bet his entire business on an Australia win.....
Anyways, Ponting the captain is gone for sure. but he may still be around trying to match with Sachin's records....or maybe not! Couldnt care...
Well played Pommies!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

She is hurt.....and that hurts...

Deepak's and my bike at the bike wash......

My bike got a proper wash after almost 18 months (our watchmen do pretend to wash it daily). & this happened after i felt guilty. Because its hurt, there are scratches on it. Not many, just on the guard upfront, that's the part that brushed apart from my leg and hand (that sucks though, the effects of the Humpty Dumpty fall were still there, and now the right hand, shoulder, leg are all hurting again)...but all of a sudden i was very attentive to the bike - pampered it today, washed, cleaned, brakes checked out, went on a drive in the evening, just the 2 of us, slowly around Airoli & laughed at myself was almost as if i was trying to mollify an upset girlfriend!!!

Its funny though. Last year, it rained for 3 - 4 days, there was a hint of rust and i went and got anti - rust applied, got a cover for the bike.....this year there was rust all over and i woke up to it, just yesterday... :)

And people say that's an indication of how i'll treat my wife......

Speaking of whom, i am also out in the marriage market now. Mom's become hyperactive since i turned 27, & my lovely sis, who had an unscheduled vacation due to illness, did everything possible to help her.

So soon, i'll have another person to mollify if i hurt her..... lets see if i take the effort....

PS: Went on a long drive to Worli with sis, only to take a u-turn and come back. Only good thing was that i had sis for company, did not care much for the Bandra - Worli sea-link - its convenient and all, but thats about it....the view is blocked, unless you have an SUV, people drive as if they on a morning walk, and somehow Worli sea face seemed upset about the whole thing.... stupid, i know :)


Captain Jack Sparrow : You've seen it all, done it all, you survived. That's the trick, is'nt it? To survive?
Captain Teague : It's not just living forever Jackie. The trick is, living with yourself, forever
- Pirates of the Carribean : At World's End

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


A fairly busy and productive day, but still very irritated. Been so since yesterday, dont know why. Shouldnt be, after all , just wrapped a succesful study, congratulations all around, been appointed Project Manager (read , the fall guy) for the next study, studies doing well, aches and pains gone (almost), can ride the bike anyways.......but still very irritated, very edgy.
Andy suggested i yell at someone to get the irritation out, but thats a recipe for disaster..... so i dont know what to do....i'll just shut the damn computer and read some shit and go to sleep.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

27 .............. and 50.......

i.e . the 50th post on my 27th birthday.... meaningless, cos i am in too much pain to type anything more!


First Rakhi with sis away from home..... mom doing the honours....
Ek na ek din to yeh hona hi tha..... :)

Monday, August 3, 2009 testing....

& the bike test failed. Use the clutch and i now realise that even the left fingers are hurt, acclerate and the wrist cries out in pain....brake and entire leg hurts, front brakes cnt be used....fingers already hurting, stop with a jerk and the back acts ups
Thanfully i wont be riding the bike anyways for next 2 days....

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Love (Aaj Kal) on a limp....

U got to appreciate the the dedication. Back, ribs, thigh, wrist, fingers , toes, calves - all hurting. All credits cards failed to work, some issue with some registration to be done, half sleepy - having worked till late at night on the presentation - but none of it stopped me from catching the movie - Love Aaj Kal. (On second thoughts, i could come home & seen Flintoff bat as well, but Star Cricket was kind enough to show highlight just as i reached home)

Anyways, you believe in love, or as Saif says, have you figured out love? Well, apparently it happens once in a lifetime, you cant plan or set a logic to it, you cant "get out" of it. Love is love and Imtiaz Ali has given 2 examples for that in the movie.

Stupid actually, but neat direction, easy lingo, innovative (not exactly, reminded me of Ocean's 11/12/13) narrative made it a watchable affair. Saif is gud, Deepika is there, smiling and all, music is good. The fun part was Rishi Kapoor - In Kabhie Kabhie (1976), there is a scene where Rishi Kapoor is making fun of old style slow "hi hello for an year" love, now he is saying that was good, & current generation is more busy with "kuch bhi" rather than love!!

These guys, Saif & Deepika , very smoothly, decide to part ways to follow their careers. Fine till here. 2 adults deciding something.

Then the stupidity starts. They remain friends. & tell each other everything, whats happening, dating scene etc. & they hope to go ahead & live happily with someone else. Doesn't work out,in my experience/ observation. If you want to move on, you have to move on!!! Ctrl+Alt+Del. Done. I think at least 3 people reading this will agree!!!

Unless of course, if you don't want to move on. Then get into the mess of break-ups & still friends and what not.

I mean, if you have taken a call , stick to it!

Anyways, i am not an authority on love, and maybe its easy speaking on the basis of other people's experiences, but hey- that's what i do for a living!!!

Anyways, looking forward to Kaminey now.....

England are playing well and may win / draw this match...that will be nice....

Now I'll go and give some rest to my hurting body parts. Life was nice last 2 days (except for the Humpty Dumpty fall and the aches and pains) - relaxed, work done, study done.

It's gonna get hectic now - new study, exams, and people....looking forward to mindf*&^%d me soon :)

In lecture....

& in pain.......had a bad fall last evening, hurting everywhere.....the worst hit is wrist, so no bike :(

I hate those staircases!!!!

fun to blog in interesting can accounting be?? Just presented Standard Costing, everyone clapped, i also clapped and the wrist is worse now....
Akash chatting with girlfriend.... don't know which one....
Rest all sleeping.. one mallu talking something abt break even my wrist broken??? will it be even???
Will go for movie in the evening, then go home and sleep.....age catching up

Lousy break even chart ...........& the dude says "i am done", Another mallu ......looks like a cousin of Ramu/ Vishagan... truly mallu!!!

Prof also sleeping. looks like......

Leg also hurting....

Snap coming up.......serious students

Look at the sincere fellows.........they have to deal with high expectations every weekend, God
knows why, maybe because they are older.....not fair!!!!
Swami Akash ke vichaar :
1) Insan ko saansarik bandhano se mukt ho kar swayam ko moksh ki aur le jaaana chahiye
2) High BP is very bad....lot of restrictions
3) Looking at brighter side, better tha low BP!! I am high on something atleast!!!!
4) Punjabi diet pe jaana hain.....kuch to hota hain unke aate aisi ladkiyan hoti hain!!!
5) don't type too much when your fingers are hurting (my reply, i got to do it for my fan following, if you have a doubt look at the map below - its across the world!!!)

Akash vaani khatam

We are listening to Transfer pricing now......something is audible to that effect......
Blesson and Amit are watching movie, guy behind is playing game.....
Pittu.....cant make out wat she is doin.....laptop tak nazar nahi jaati!!! (now you know the punjab link)
Other girls walk in.....imbalance...... too thin or too fat......even God is not consistent....only one almost perfect (no brains)!!

Now fingers and wrist baaki baad main.....