Sunday, August 30, 2009

She wont like it….

Today evening, at the coffee shop, there was this couple sitting in the opposite table. The girl (good looking) was talking, the guy was listening – another girl (good looking) passed by and this fellow forgot to listen & was just looking her (for maybe 10 secs)….that instant, the expression on the girls face was a mix of anger & hurt.

I think i saw the same look on my bike today.

But what to do!!! Bhargav’s Royal Enfield Thunderbird commands the attention !!!

Today, after our exam, me & Akash went to check out his “Dulari”. & found him riding on the new road near Ghansoli… style, hair flowing & all…

We took turns trying it out ……… & wow!!!


You know, its amazingly smooth, at 70, i realised i am not on 5th gear yet!! Handles well, looks great, feels great (the power rush has to be felt to be believed), & no problems turning round!!!

Believe me, in that 5 minute ride , all was forgotten – yesterday’s rotten paper, tomorrow's problems, today’s problems, irritating people, unresolved problems, client …… everything.

& somewhere in between, i had the same 10 secs like the guy at the cofee shop….

I am sure she did not like it.

Sorry sweetheart!


suku said...

seems ur swthrt is having a bad time des earlier blog
> of urs said u arnt taking enuf care of her..and now dis....:(:(...same old
> problem...losing interest huh???

Rachit Tiwari said...

Nahi re....jeevan ki aapa dhaapi main....