Monday, August 13, 2012

Random: London, Bangalore, Istanbul...

That was a good London Olympics 2012. Now now, lets not dwell on what could have been..... :P

Though i got to admit, i found the visuals of Indian fans cheering on the athletes and dancing and celebrating all medals a bit irritating..... But then i just open the Thailand folder snaps before going on a drive and all is well.....

But that doesnt mean i did not have a blast for my 30th birthday.... Just that i did not go as per the plan i had made one evening many years back, to welcome it on the London Eye (maybe alone, maybe with someone).... Khair, TGIF in Bangalore with one of your closest buddies aint a bad way too! And considering the birthday went on to be something like a extended weekend party with CC, MP, MK, RR and ST involved - i'd say it all helped to soften the '30 complete' blow!

As i said earlier, whoever set out the close by 11 rule in Bangalore must have been a momma's boy......bought up on a 'do what you want to, be home by 11' instruction....otherwise a place that has some really cool places (like Khaja Chowk,Toit, most of Indiranagar actually, Kormangala is going to be checked out on next trip) to be out with friends and family, becomes like a ghost town by 9.30. By 11 it is a ghost town.... Now there are some benefits of it - empty roads where i drove MP's car, and the nice chilled discussions you can have with friends. (btw, is it just me or everyone starts hating places with loud music with age?). But still, except for 4th night, i was home by 11.30 max...... On 4th, i was home by 12.30!!

Spent most of my birthday wondering what Bangaloreans would make of Istanbul. Families are out there at 1.30, at parks, restaurants, market places on weekdays!!!! Plus thier airports are quite close to the city on both sides, unlike Bangalore which doesnt have its own airport and uses the one at Devanhalli village! Seriously, insomniacs would go, and do go to sleep on the way to that place! Most locals in Bangalore have an exxagerrated sense of distance - Brookfields 8km away was described as if its on other end of the world. By that logic, the airport is definitely at Hyderabad.

Bangalore definitely has better roads, atleast the main ones. And i love apartments that i saw there, ample space, balconies, and all quite breezy if you stay at the right place....

Monday, August 6, 2012

Happy 30th to me!!

Last year i started looking for a Casio G-Shock and ended up in Bangkok! So this year, i got myself a Casio Edifice WR 100m !! :)