Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Best use of time......

Is to blog. Especially when you are waiting alone at the airport.Waiting,cos i reached early. Delhi traffic moved faster than we thought it would. Greater Noida to airport in just over an hour has to be a miracle - and a credit to the drivers driving skills. The Innova moved as if its an auto.

The guy next to me in the morning flight is also waiting here.

Its the start of winter in Delhi. You can feel the dryness, and the chill (ok, as much as you can feel @ 19 deg cel.) But yeah, the shawls and sweaters and mufflers are out in full flow here!

Another auntie whom I had seen in the morning flight is here. Has a kid. Inki twacha se inki umar ka pata hi nahi chalta!

The Noida expressway is amazing. Pain is in reaching there.

Looks like flight delayed.

Height may have advantages, but the disadvantages are painful. Its difficult to fit into seats in planes, buses or cars. And you have to stretch out and put on the projector at the clients office.

One Muslim lady very agitated. She was checked very throroughly it seems - asked to remove coat and head scarf. Her logic is would you check a girl in mini skirt. Ab usko kaun samjhaaye ki mini skirt main check karne ko bacha kyaa....???

Boarding announced.

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