Tuesday, November 2, 2010

How to be embarrassed and / or angry.......

By announcing to the world what you intend to do - whether you may end up doing it or not.
I announced in my class that I plan to buy a car.You see,in Consumer Behaviour,each one of us is expected to maintain a diary of the entire process for a purchase you may have done in the last few days. All of us are expected to be prepared and maybe called upon to present anytime.

This morning the prof came up to me and said, Rachit, have you done you exercise? I said yes, but i forgot my diary. He said no problem, just present.

So i went about giving a speech on my car purchase process (which started quite some years back). He appreciated the way how I dissected the case and presented it.

Screw up - all ppl in class came up with their experiences, opinions, advice.
Worse - next few weeks they will all keep asking 'car li kya?'.
Worst - I will not be buying one.

Cannot justify the payout and dont want to buy a set of 4 wheels, seats, chassis and engine pretending to be a car.So, the purchase is put on hold. Indefinitely. Now people will rub it in (in all innocence or deliberately).An embarrassed smile or angry glare would be the reaction based on the situation.

This post started on Sunday and was initially intended for only embarrassment. By Monday, the realisation had sinked in that i'll have to postpone the purchase and by night people had (deliberately or otherwise - no way of knowing) instigated anger about the same. Hence talking about both at once.

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akash.Ingle said...

Ne ways buddy, pehle parking ka problem to solve kar lo....