Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Feedback annual meet- Goa

It's Goa time again!! This time its the Feedback annual meet. GOAWAY08.
My second one. We are all goin to be put up at Holiday Inn.......& the place looks the agenda this time revolves more around team building & working out what good for the future & whats not.......i think thats a step in the right direction..........

The highlight of this meet is the cricket tournament!!! Kit, jerseys, caps & has become an integral part of most Feedabackers daily routine........& excitement is terrific
the cricket keeda had originated from Mumbai & we hope we are able to keep up to the hype!!

The Mumbai office is gearing up to deliver a knockout performance in the talent search (actually we started late on this count ......... but we have enough talent to do well!!!!

So lets hope all this comes together for a great GOAWAY!!!!

go Goa!!!! :-)

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Live life to the fullest! said...

hey...lo finally reading ur blog... 4m clge!..gud start hope u continue unlike me!and yeah bby feedbacker have dne thenselves proud!