Monday, September 15, 2008

Unanswered prayers.........& making God laugh...

Maine maangi thi, masjido main dua
main jise chahta hoon vo mujhse mile,

Gar khuda hi na chahe to, main kya karu.....???

God knows who wrote this,was in context of love lost but very apt in a lot of situations life has to it not?

Mom says i use this to blame God for my failures, but then i feel why shoudnt i? dont i thank God when something good happens......If he can take credit, take blame as well.....but not many agree with me......kya karen??

Now tell me, all those people who believe in God, pray for themselves, others, a safe world, peace, end of evil, simple happy living, satisfaction.....& then go on to become a victim of circumstances not in thier hands........can be anything......i mean, as bad as losing are they able to still believe God is taking care of them? Are they able to sustain the belief they have in God & his all pervading power?

When i posed this question to some elders, i was told believers take these as a part of God's plan - in the larger scheme of things, some even thank God for saving them from worse possibilities!! So they are able to sustain the belief & go back to praying, etc......good for them, though i think its more out of fear - to sheild themselves from further troubles......

Not that i am a non-believer, i definitely believe in God (in all the varoius avtaars, globally)....because i dont see other explanation to some good or bad that things happen to me....wat i cannot get is why i cannot be angry with God? Why do people get horrified when i say i am friends with God, & i do not need to give a haazari or bribe him regularly so that i have a nice life.....after all, good or bad, God is not asking me before deciding the course of my life....then why should be scared?? & hypocritic..??? I might as well live carefree....have my equation with God, do my work(karm?),not worry about consequences.....they are not in my hand anyways right?
As i write it , i realise thats what Bhagvad Gita's most famous takeout , prayers may or may not be answered, but if you wanna make God laugh, tell him your future plans.........

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Live life to the fullest! said...

Thts quite aptly done...finally got thru ur blog:)