Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Why Ajmal Amir Kasav should live....

Everyone has an opinion....he should be hanged, publicly; he should be given a fair trail.....& then hanged; should be hanged at the Gateway and allowed by the general public to go slap him, maybe just prick him with a pin; should be fed only pure veg green vegatabes; others more violent, ghastly - like showing him RGV ki Aag (He likes Big B's movies na?)
Eitherways, everyone believes he should be set as an example of how strongly we will deal with terroism acts in the future.
While everyone has been hell bent on punishing him, i am yet to hear a voice asking him to be left alone.....allowed to live....grow back into the society.
If i had my way, i wouldnt really be too harsh on him. He may afterall be a victim of circumstances. A poor chap, seen poverty all his life, wanted the easy way out, was sought out by those who have thier own agendas to take care of, brainwashed, misled, sent out on a suicidal mission. Now he is more scared about his family's well being.....& has probably lost it forever.....i guess i would be kind to him, counsel him, make him live, make him believe in life, in humanity, give him a job, let him develop a self worth, make him a part of society, let him earn some respect, friends, get attached to the world, make him smile, forget hatred, maybe even make him an ambassador for peace, going out & telling other youth how not be mislead, let him believe in goodness of life.....
& then pray to God, some one takes him hostage & shoots him. He should see death coming. He should see all beatiful things coming to an end.

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suku said...

u know wat..u cud write a book with a trilling end!!!i read the whole article with raised eyebrows...and ended with a SMILE:):):)