Monday, June 1, 2009

Into the dark....

These snaps tell you how dark it was when i reached the road behind the Burns Hospital.....even with the headlights on, its dark. Before i took these snaps, i was cruising along this road as usual, until i reached the stretch where all light were its always an amazing feeling to drive when its that dark, almost eerie......but believe me, its just amazing when turn your headlights off!!!!!
You cannot see a thing, just feel, the wind on your face, the shirt on your body, the friction of the tyres. You dont know if there are any stones on the road, or maybe a dead dog, some one may actually be walking, there may be sand on the road, and yeah, there is a sharp right turn ahead!!!
But then, i can also be a bit reckless.......if only for 10 secs!!!


Live life to the fullest! said...

OMG....u r crazy...and this is just a proof!

Swathi said...

10 secs...long enuff to kill someone i believe