Monday, October 19, 2009

Water rafting adventure……

I have always said that coffee, chocolate and pizza are the best things that happened to man. Some people have added woman,wine, car and cricket to the list. Today i add one more thing.

Life jacket.

For someone who cant swim, the feeling of just floating in cold water of the river without any fear is just amazing. Why, i move my hands and legs, and actually did move forward. (Though in the end, Akash towed me to the raft!!)

I finally had some adventure in my life – White Water Rafting. This was at Kundalika river, Raigad and a fairly amateur level thing – much easier compared to Ladakh and Hrishikesh. This was classified as grade 2, goes upto grade 7. Going by this experience, i have started feeling i need to get more into such adventure sports and go on to higher levels as well. After all, its fun to fall of the raft when you tackle the most difficult rapids!!!

Most of the snaps that you will see are before and after the action – one cant take snaps when when you are holding on to dear life or the raft!

But it was a fun trip, and a tiring one. And the 6.5k lunch bill that we coughed up showed how hungry (& thirsty !! ) we were….

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Live life to the fullest! said...

awesme....adventure gives a new meaning to living! parasailing was a similar experience i had! u shud try tht!