Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What i have been feeling…….


Hearing Jagjit Singh live, sorry Pamabhushan Jagjit Singh.

I asked Bhargav, what does one need to do to get that Padmabhushan in your name.He said just set out the difference in physical and mental soonapan – empty space and loneliness. (for the uninitiated ; JS did that in reference to the line – aakash ka soonapan, mere tanha man main…)

Learnt some urdu as well – khuld is heaven, vayas is someone who doesn't drink alcohol and maikhana we always knew…..but realised understanding the language is really important to enjoy the music.


Driving all around when mom dad were away in Jhansi – the best being rushing back from Bandra Bandstand to Airoli at 2 in the night, 21 minutes flat.

Cant describe

TA directors meet last saturday – Clinton is here and it was hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…….lets say one of the best afternoons, evenings and nights i have had in a loong loooong time……

somewhere in between, we also sat through a movie called Avatar – good to look at…….


You know why………same old shit….


Some people are so damn dumb, they dont realise whats good or bad for them….


Waiting at the airport, waiting for someone. and thinking.

I dnt think apart close family and friends, anyone will understand why a tired me would borrow dad’s car and travel all the way for someone who’s described as a good friend…….samaj would enjoy such instances!!!

I’ll survive

The last trip to Bangalore…...a very old sher gives me hope…..

“Surkhuru (successful) hota hain insaan, thokre khaane ke baad.

Rang laati hain henna, patthar se takrane ke baad”

In essence, al the effort will pay…..

In hinsight, thats not very comforting – it was all labour, mindless, no value addition


I showed up at a madrasi marriage reception despite exam an all!!! The host, the guest, and other guests are all wondering how come i showed up…… but one should try to honour a genuine invitation from a friend....

But Akash is wondering why he went all the way with me just to sit in the car!!! :)


Anyone would when people refuse to accept their fault and put all blame on you…….. and believe me, there is a mela of such people

in some cases, i am expected to be God, i’ll know things without being told and then i am expected to make last minute arrangements

In some cases, i am given multiple ideas, each one better than the previous one…..and rework……

Sometimes others decide for me whats essential or primary for me…..

And in my position i am always wrong!

You know, i just want to be a parent and a boss….i’ll not be wrong in most cases!


Some serious proposals have come in……jaane kya hoga baba re……

Plus, i have shortlisted Fiat Punto, Maruti Swift Diesel and Tata Indica Vista (a Tata is never out of my list) as one of the cars i plan to buy next year…..but the way things stand, i am not sure if i’ll be able to……..


Exams – have we taken them too lightly??? or have been smart? time will tell……

Mixed feelings

Akash moving on to tackle good opportunities…..great!!

but that leaves me alone to handle my bike problems, PC problems, Accounts problems, doing all the listening in college, doing all the listening outside college, office problems, other issues, opinions, movies, mocha and rude, girlfriend problems, friend problems , developing contacts, routing information, social club problems……….and so on.

Anyways, all the best mate!!!!!

It felt nice

To see Nish is happy finally with a job and all…..

To meet up with old friends in Bangalore….

& flirting with new ones!!! :)

It felt great

The coffee sis made at her house – sweet and strong!

and the fact that she is actually independent!!

It feels lousy

To get up in the morning ……..

To find a reason to work – no , “they are paying you” has stopped working……

Most of the other things……

Enough. Just thought someone may be interested in knowing.


suku said...

i absolutely luvd dis post.....!!!!!!!may b coz it cums after a looooooooonnnnng time....:):)
But beware....ur feeling of fun mite be in danger...d way mom's getting net-savvy des days...not long before she reads ur blog....!!heheheh.....till then.......have fun...feel great!!:):)

Live life to the fullest! said...

yup interested in knowing reading anything u write dear. agree suku just loved the post,sums up life in essence! ya i get a mention tooo! :) keep writing!