Sunday, June 6, 2010

And i also went for a walk……

Yes. Once it became clear i am not destined for movie today, me and sis decided to go for a walk / stroll. then we thought, we can go for a walk and coffee. or maybe a short drive and coffee. Discussing where to have coffee, we came up with some nice places ( she had one , i had 2). And we ended up going to Le Cafe, Chembur. For some,coffee, lemon twist, Panini (cottage cheese!!) , pasta and blueberry cheese cake!

Mind you, we are still dressed for a walk . stroll…….

I guess this is another addition to other such “spur of the moment” plans – like when me and Akash set off for a short drive and ended up at Bandra bandstand at 1am, or  when me and Silky (wearing shorts which were later described by Akash as “kacchas”) reached a Barista at 12 am….. hmmmm….

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Live life to the fullest! said...

I so remember the walk to CCD IN A'bad before the Mt Abu trip!!