Saturday, August 28, 2010


Yes, this took me about 20 - 22 years back. Rakshabandhan day. In the snap, me and my sisters - Suchita, Monica and Sonica.

Me and Monica(seated on chair) are elders, born within months of each other. Suchita and Sonica (standing right and left) are respective younger siblings. Sonica got this snap out of some old dusty album. Over the years, both our families have often remembered this day and had a good laugh over it.

Story of this snap : the elders look happy, smiling (dimples and all!!). But look at the scowling younger ones.
Well, before the snap was taken, both families went shopping.
I vaguely remember, all of us had got into our old Fiat and gone to Gandhi Market in Matunga, it was raining, dad had some trouble finding parking and things like that.....
While the parents and elders got what they wanted, the baccha log liked the same thing - a football shaped water bottle! Unfortunately, there was just one piece available and ensued was a tug of war! Finally the parents took the bottle away (hence the scowls!)
Now I cannot recollect who finally got the bottle..........

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