Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Just keep talking.....its gender equality era....

It was lunch time and i had a call, i just waved out to people, requesting them to be quiet. The boys said - hum to chup hain, ladkiyan halla macha rahi hain. Full time bad bad karti rehti hain. Gals said - shutup, you guys are shouting aur ladkiyan bekar hi badnaam hain. Infact, guys talk more than girls do!
They finally quitened and i continued with the call. Sometime during the day, i came across the word, physicst. That reminded me of an English langauge chapter I had in school or college. Dunno if any of you ever read it - My Son, the Physicist, by Isaac Asimov.

As per wikipedia, My Son, the Physicist is a science fiction short story by Isaac Asimov. It was commissioned by Hoffman Electronics Corporation and appeared in February 1962 in Scientific American. It later appeared in Asimov's collection Nightfall and Other Stories (1969).
The story goes like this -
Gerard Cremona, a communications engineer with an American space agency, is trying to maintain communication that has been established with an expedition that has apparently reached the planet Pluto after four years in space. The difficulty lies in the significant delays for the radio signal to travel back and forth, making timely and meaningful interaction impossible.
His proud mother, who happens to visit his office whilst he is wrestling with the problem, ultimately advises him to keep talking and get the expedition crew to keep talking as well. That way, although it normally takes twelve hours for radio waves to cover the distance, it's possible to have effectively continuous conversation.
As Mrs Cremona points out, all women know that the secret to spreading news is to Just Keep Talking. Thus, by constantly transmitting data and instructions from both ends, and interjecting questions or responses as needed, no time need be wasted.

So, all i am saying is, Asimov(who is considered to be one of the finest brains of the world) and I do not agree. I have myself seen cases where women just sit quietly for no reason while men go on blabbering..... :)

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