Friday, November 12, 2010

What I do for a living…..


This is a screen shot of the stats related to the readers of this blog.

While I seem to have a worldwide audience, it largely because of friends travelling to these places - Akash in Nigeria, Deepti (I believe) in Australia, Clinton in US and Singapore. Except in South America (Clint, please plan a trip there – a friend just came back from Brazil, if he liked what he saw, so would you!).

The breakup by OS is funny. Assuming not many people would read blogs on their phone ( I do, apart from doing other things), it means 1/3rd of the time I am the reader of my own blog . Wonder if that's too much?


Not really, cos my phone is meant to entertain me (in the absence of sufficient people to talk to everyday) when I am on the move….. plus my blog is a gateway to some other links and from there on…….

I am glad to see the number of IE users. Firefox and Chrome are rubbish and i have no clue what Version is. Can anyone enlighten me?

Anyways, this shows what i do for a living. Same set of numbers projected by this, by that and so on. And we call it analysis. Of course, its in a lot more detail and leads to, sometimes delightful, insights.

By itself, this post is meaningless……. but I am insomniac all over again. So.

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