Sunday, May 8, 2011

I think.....

People who come to theaters to watch a movie and talk, should not be allowed to enter, or thrown out. Especially women. More so in Delhi.

People who come late into the hall, then take take out the ticket to see whats the seat number and then create a ruckus reaching thier seat ought to be shot. And they bloody ask, what happened so far???

Couples need to be clearly asked are you going to get cosy with other during the movie, in that case please take the last row, not the centre seats in the middle rows.

Network jammers in theatres would be a good, if drastic idea. Even after years and years of the theaters requesting patrons to switch off /silent the phone, well, it rings and they talk.

Going alone to watch a movie is cool - only problem,there is no one to go out in the interval to get food!

The Osama killing sounds so much like a mafia hit. The Navy Seals is Omerta personified. The Godfather using all his powers and connections to make it look like something other than what it was. Murky, nothing adds up, too may loose ends. Unsubstantiated stories - which our news channels have not just lapped up, but added thier 'analysis' too.

No, we cannot take Abbotabad type action against to take out the people responsible for crimes in India. One, we havnot fed and fattened the Pak army or government with any aid (estimated USD 20 Bn since 2001). Second, our politicians just lack the will to do anything about it, honestly, lets get good bulletproff jacket first. (Though honestly, did anyone care for my opinion on this?)

I am guessing next week Indian news channels will be busy with election results. I expect DMK to stay in TN, Left to be out of Kerala and Bengal and maybe India. Assam, i dunno much.

Its time i document my life with my car. Just completed 2000 kms. So many things to say : the initial getting to know each other, the day of love, valentines day, the honeymoon, the small tiffs, the comments and compliments and so on. Lets see.

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