Thursday, June 16, 2011

Raat baaaki......

And i have nothing to do, as my net connection stopped workin.... Thank god for my Vodafone and Nokia combo!!!

Anyone ever had an experience which would give you an idea how something else will feel?? As in, kind of a test drive? Not exactly that, more like ...... You know, how i got to get an SUV kind of experience with my Woodland shoes?? :) yeah, true. For the first time in a 1000 years i have shoes where my feet just go in, no struggle, no fight, ample space, like a SUV. Then they are all terrain. I have walked on gravel, mud, slush everything, gripping on to each of it perfectly. Some days back, i came home drenched after being out in the rain for an hour, take off my shoes, and the socks are dry. D-R-Y, dry. Ever seen a kid who got an unexpected gift??? SUV feeling, aint it, whatever happens out, you are safe inside. And like SUVs, they are heavy, expensive, difficult to move around with, especially in a crowd. But what the heck?!!

What came first?? Anna or Ramdev?? Most people say Ramdev hijacked Anna's agenda, i say Anna spoilt Ramdev's plans of announcing himself on the political stage. Our government first made him a hero by trying flattery, then whacked him and then ignored him. His brand of yoga took a beating and he may have shelved all political dreams. The Congress will get vindictive and go after his ashram, so he has ample on his hands.

Speaking of vindictivness, i liked it that in Chennai, one still sees posters of Karunanidhi and his son Stalin. In UP, Mayawati behenji has gone all out to erase opposition parties from political landscape.

UDRS : it helps, especially with the Hot Spot as a part of it, in checking for errors and rectification. Why would BCCI oppose it then? Maybe it will help if the onfield decision review process takes about a minute and some advert revenue can be earned then???

What description fits Chennai airport better : glorified bus stand or fish market?

My bike has gome on its yearly hibernation, nicely covered and all. In 2 minds to sell it off. Or maybe not..... Maybe when we are all 45 and free to make our own decisions, TA will go cross country on our bikes, like in the movie Wild Hogs.

I have become a family man. Not really choice, just that all my friends are away/busy due to work marriage or ego! So i spend weekends with my parents. Weekend before last we went on a drive to Lonavla ( which i may go again next week :) ) and last weekend we went for movie : Ready. And guess whom i saw post that - Katrina Kaif!!!!! Kaisa katila naach kiya hain dekho to hiya :
you got to say one thing about Hrithik Roshan, he is a rock star. Born to perform kinda guy. And it was nice to see Abhay Deol getting some adulation. May not be a star, but a very good actor.

Horny Dog gave me a nice lecture on sleeping minimum 8 hours a day. Else you gain weight. He is maybe 2 inches shorter and just couple of kilos lighter than i am. But as consultants, giving advice come easy to us.

Which reminds me, i need to sleep! Or atleast try to.

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suku said...

tell me...whos ditched you for EGO??naam batao;;:)