Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Recco, refusal and rant....

Life at her terms :
The whole idea of putting up a blog, as i see it, is to put across your point of view - whatever someone else thinks. One is expected to be frank, fearless, the blog has to mirror you. Generally, personal blogs, you can have commercial ones as well.

This lady here is by far the perfect blog i have seen in those respects. Absolutely loved it. So does her dad, it seems. And at one level, i am jealous of her. Because its frank, she puts in stuff without caring who will read what and if that's appropriate or not.

A thing to do before i die :

Last Sunday, i was expected to be at my college as a guest lecturer telling students about the stupidity B2B research is. I had to refuse at the last minute because i wasn't keen on driving all the way with the hurting leg. Was looking forward to the experience, but....But that reminded me of a simple promise i had made to myself long time back, in 2006. That one day, i would be good enough to be invited as guest lecturer to IIM - A, and I'll refuse. Well, 5 years on, i have taken the first step towards it, at least the refusing part.

The thing about looking forward to things...
Is that the it will not happen, not for me at least. Was looking forward to a nice evening at MIG club for EKs engagement, but i am going to Delhi on that very day. Just another instance in my life, i guess.

The rant has to be cancelled. I am now going on friday morning, so may go to EKs engagement.

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