Wednesday, September 14, 2011

One for the label 'Random'.....

So, i left for office today morning. And walked down to auto stand, with the auto standing right outside the Hanuman Temple. The auto guys know me, so i just get into the first ric.

This another guy came from the opposite direction. Like many Indians, he has this habit of spitting. And he did just that. Right in the space between the auto and the temple parapet. The auto guy was livid about the fact that how can one spit in front of a temple. (though i think he was more upset about the other guy spitting so close to the auto). Got out and started yelling

"arey tumko dikhta nahi kya, bhagwaan hai idhar..... Blah blah....."
"arey dada nighuya kai, ushir hotoy"
"arey saaheb asa kasa ha vaagtoy, thobadit dyachi hyaala"
The other auto guys converge.
"arey ka yevda arda orda. Dev kuthe nahi aahe saanga maala??"


Then one of the older auto guys told this young man to get on with his job and the spitter walked away.

"Tumhi hota saaheb, mhanun to vachla. Shikshe cha parinaam aahe ha, mhanun mhantaat, shikshit lokkanchya ayushyat aaram asto, vichar karun vaaghtaat"

"Hmmmm. Jau dya aata, tension gheu naka, yeda hota to."

(This thing did not happen. As in, the spitting bit happened, It irritated me a bit and the auto just moved on. But i was just wondering, what would have happened if an alternate future existed from that point. Can i spin a yarn around a theme? What if the spitter was muslim? And so on. Not a successful attempt. Will make another one, like Run Lola Run. Needs imagination.)

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akash.Ingle said...

Bad attempt... Try Something better...You can refer to our script writer's blog ;)....