Friday, December 2, 2011

The world ought to know my opinion,no?

NDTV did a hit job on Anna Hazare with the 'flog the drunks' interview.

Sachin's next 100 will come. 100th or otherwise. Its meant to be.

FDI in retail is good. Farmers get a better,even if slightly, return. Small retailers lose slight margin. Large retailers work smarter due to competition. And we will always need salespersons even at malls. We are Indians. So jobs created.

You can call them whatever, but NDTV are a set of loyal and ehsaanmand people. Will fall over themselves to paint Congress as good guys even after they commit murder.

It seems Kingfisher Airlines earns Rs.15 cr /day (when they do fly). I am sure thier flagship business gets in more business on a dry day. Do they need bailout? Dont think so.

Whats the difference between consulting and (bull)shitting? Well, you need to cleanup after one of them.

Did people really miss the irony of spending days arranging and practising for a stupid 'flash mob'???

Just dont get the logic of aping somthing that is done somwhere else and not really applicable here? Thankgiving, for example.

Shahrukh Khan learnt the hard way that he is better of not producing movies with Ra.One. He will make money, but trying to please everyone sucks.

People say i got lucky with recent job switch activities, all i say is watch 'Luck By Chance'.

Anyone thinks holding up Parliament due to this FDI issue or black money issue is just a ploy to make sure Lokpal never reaches parliament, is never debated, passed or implemented. Sorry Anna, next time.

And Anna is going on fast again at the end of month. Warning : this time supporters may nit come, its gonna be very very cold in Ramlila Maidan....

Year end again. Car, foreign trip and new job ticked in the to do list. It wasnt too long anyway. Cure for insomnia still on it.

30 next year. None of the goals set 5 - 6 years back will happen. Goal setting is over rated. Life is all about karm(effort) and niyati(destiny). Samay se pehle and all that BS.

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