Friday, January 27, 2012

"Actor hum bhi reh chuke hain"

I am reminded of this line from the movie Luck By Chance (one of my fav movies in case i haven't told you) every time i see a biker on the eastern express highway moving in the first lane, weaving in and out of traffic and so on. Because he slows down the traffic, and also runs the risk of hitting a car and more often than not, leaves a scratch on the car.

Nowadays, when i travel by car to office (he he he), i am reminded of those days when i used to travel by bike. On most days, i would be nice slow and steady in the last lane.And now, when i see idiots like ones described above, i go "Biker hum bhi reh chuke hain!!!"

(Ok ok, fine, i am not a biker. More of a driver. But i know where my place in the world is when i am just 2 wheels.)

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suku said...

well some people are born for luxury...the four-wheeled one:)