Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hazaaron khwashien aisi……

(Must have started this post about 2 years back. Wanted to list out 50 things to do before i die. But this really is a wish list…in no particular order……lets see how many are fulfilled…..) 


1. i could dance properly

2. also sing

3. to have a good handwriting

4. be in the cockpit of a plane of at least one flight

5. actually, own a plane someday

6. A fit body. chest out, stomach in. not sculpted, but fit

7. Dinner date with Katrina kaif. 

8. bungee jumping - though i chickened out when i had the chance at Pattaya...

9. Watch a test match live at all the best venues (MCG, Lords etc.)

10. a meeting with Federer

11. visit brazil

12. London of course.

13. own a SUV

14. and a few looong sedans. 

15. want to drive cross country, especially leh laddhak area

16. drive in Australia

17. actually, stay there for some time

18. own a mansion on Princes' Island

19. own a yatch too

20. run a marathon

21. deep sea diving

22. develop a taste for wine

23. have a butler

24. whack some people and they shouldn’t know 

25. Be someone from the past - what would have happened had i been the position Hitler was?

26. be someone from a fictional character - Micheal Corloene 

27. Make friends with foreigners. friends, not acquaintances

28. improve my voice, diction, presentation skills

29. home in matunga

30. a test century to my name

31. killing kasab was on the list, but GOI seems to have taken care of that

32. learn swimming

33. watch all the good movies ever made

34. and plays

35. do away with clients

36. always travel business class or above

37. a harley or a triumph bike

38. visit our neighbouring countries once

39. earn loads of money

40. play golf

41. Fly out to someplace on whim - feel like having a Thai massage, let’s go to Bangkok!

42. never have to worry how much money has come in

43. never have to worry about how much money has gone out

44. A trip to north east India (can u believe i have never been to east of India. the only time i flew east, i landed at Bangkok!)

45. Be able to draw. Not engineering drawing, creative.

46. understand all religions in the world, starting with Hinduism

47. Switch career. become a cricket journalist

48. trip to both the poles

49. Donate half my fortune to charity when i die. 

50. sue McDonalds, Dominoes , and others for making me fat

51. Become a bowler. i just can’t think as a bowler

52. never have to clean my house

53. own a Vanquish

54. be James bond for a day, all those gadgets

55. Walk around central park London, whenever i wish!

56. have a pet tiger

57. Sit on the edge of a cliff and drink. Check my luck and balance getting up then!

58. hot water shower always, whatever location, whatever season

59. have a say in the politics of our country

60. Clean up the system.

61. run 8-10 mms a day (heehaw)

62. jump down a skyscraper like in movies and open a parachute

63. bathe in the ganga (it takes balls - mostly dirty and cold)

64. write a book - thriller

65. poetry as well

66. a full member TA meet once a month, spouse and all

67. take out crime esp. rape 

68. participate in a F1 race as a driver

69. and also as pit crew member

70. Have my own gym. hate public gyms

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suku said...

i thought it was a list of 50 to-do:)