Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A discussion on marriages….

Sherlock Holmes: Annihilation!

Dr. John Watson: Rebirth.

Sherlock Holmes: Restriction!

Dr. John Watson: Structure.

Sherlock Holmes: Answering to a woman!

Dr. John Watson: Being in a relationship. Having a home, the possibility of a family. Who wants to die alone?

Sherlock Holmes: Right, so you'll get married tomorrow, settle down with Mary and I'll... die alone.

Interesting how thinking changes with time. 5 years back i might have agreed with Holmes. Now i am tending to agree with Dr.Watson. Age, i guess.

(I think i need a new label named marriage. I see it will be topic for many posts in the foreseeable future)


Anonymous said...

all of us start as holmes and end up with homes....wat(say)son?

Rachit Tiwari said...

Hahaha..... true that. Good wordplay dad