Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mazaaa Nahi aa raha hai…

The 7 year itch : The inclination to become unfaithful after seven years of marriage Source

Now now, don't worry. Its not about the marriage. That's been hardly 7 weeks now and if you don't count the vacation,  hardly 7 days of a married mans life has been lived.

This is about something else. Sometime in August 2006, i joined a firm engaged in market research and consulting. Till then, my career was just drifting. Even this move could have backfired. I was hired as a, what it was then called, Temp. (Now of course we have a fancy sounding term for people hired in that manner – Research Associate). I was to work  on 1 project, roughly for 3 months and depending on my performance, i might be confirmed. The friend who recommended me, thought  i was perfect for the job. The guy who interviewed me was thinking short term – i could do the job at hand. For me, it was a nothing to lose situation. Worst case, i update my resume in 3 months!

In any event, it worked out well. I took to research like fish to water. Long travels, meeting people, gathering info, setting it out, learning tricks of the trade, giving “inputs”, team work so and so forth. Loved every part of it. Loved the way i grew into roles. From a researcher to anchor and project manager. Loved the interactions with clients, vendors,other stakeholders. Loved the chance to understand how businessmen think. How having money and/or power to impact things affects the way you look at the same scenario – you got to see those VCs or Management types rip apart your report. Loved the money i got. Loved the chance to see places i probably wouldn't have gone otherwise (Rural UP/ Uttarakhand/ Istanbul etc.) And the people i met and friends i made. It was good first 6 years.

And yet, now everything has changed. Everyday is Monday. Hate work related travel, even if it a couple of days. Hate having to go out and meet people. Hate client requests. Hate the futility of the entire effort in many cases. Hate the very idea of going out and meeting people and seeking information. For the past year or so, most work has been mechanically done. The phrase i used other day keeps coming back to my mind…cannot exactly pinpoint the reason though…….

Seeking a solution to the situation would have been easier if i knew what exactly the problem or possible solution is! Plus its no longer 2006 or 2010 where i had nothing to lose. Moving on as an experiment of on an impulse will not be the best course of action. and move on where? to what? Liabilities,responsibilities have to be factored in for decision making. Add to it the nawabi lifestyle.

Its going to be an interesting next few months – as i come to terms with the new and the old! Though one part is fun, doosre main mazaa nahi aa raha!

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