Thursday, February 11, 2010

Goals for next year…..

Interesting question in the appraisals form. The toughest one to answer.

So i called up a friend….and decided what to put in.

But before that i made a lovely discovery – i have no goals, not for next year, not for next 5 years, not for life…..

Aisa nahi hain, i thought, i do have plans/goals, which can be aligned with my career goals as well. For example, if i set my eyes on buying a house, a car, and getting married (in that order) by say, end of next year, i’ll need – cash, credit worthiness – which translates into higher salary, growth, promotion, alternate plans, own business and so on. For this, i just don't need a push from external factors – but also from within. Developing skill sets, focus, networking, articulation, holistic view of things, leadership,team building, mentoring and so on….

But these are short term goals. A question interviewers always ask – where do you see yourself 10 years from now? I have no answer to that now……but i think i seriously need one…..

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Live life to the fullest! said...

thts so much management language!!