Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Name is Khan….

And i am not a terrorist…….neither am in an Idiot……I am King!!!

Yes, that’s precisely what SRK has conveyed….not just in the movie, but the way he leveraged the controversy (deliberate or otherwise), all the brand promotions, the show on Discovery and so on…….

Though the movie, is more than that. It’s about proving your love.

And SRK is a pro at that. Does that naturally. But to act as a patient of Autism (who just cannot express their feelings), without ever looking like a caricature or hammy, for the actor to become the character and not the other way round – is the real art.  And after doing varied roles in Swades, Chak De India, Rab ne….., Don, Om Shanti Om and Devdas, you cannot say he does the same thing again and again…….

The movie otherwise is okay dokay. A good supporting cast, a restrained Karan Johar (though its still a tearjerker - going by the girls crying around me) and some touching moments make it a watchable movie. Stupid on many counts, but fine.

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very sensible!