Monday, April 12, 2010


All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy; for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves; we must die to one life before we can enter another - Anatole France

Precisely my feelings on experiencing probably the first earth shattering change i have had in my life…….shifting from Nokia 3600 slide to Nokia E72….and a “qwerty” keyboard….I mean, i have seen changes that are more natural in life, but they have been expected, gradual and generally come with an explanation……but this was sudden, and more complicated than i thought…..for 2 days. i just couldn't figure out the best way to hold the phone while typing……and then came the pain of slow typing….looking for characters / editing issues, mistakes and irritation….worse, i was no longer good at what i used to be awesome at….typing sms in quick quick time….:( ……Now, it was like Sachin Tendulkar trying to bat left handed…..(jyaaada ho gaya, and he would that amazingly well too)……no. but you know, you get the point…..on one occasion, i seriously considered returning this phone and getting the old one back…..but then i thought “Practise!” and i am getting better…, now its both hands, both thumbs  and life is getting back to normal……

Someone had said – Change is the only constant, or something to that effect….and now i know (always knew, but now i have thought about and am documenting my thought here) that adapting to that change is one of my talents (the plural of talent is an indication of hope, that i may uncover some other talent as well :)) …a couple of years back, i had told that to Jerry Rao (Google him guys) without much conviction…. even then i believed that being able to face up to change , which may come up to you in the form of a challenge or failure, and trying to set out what needs to be done next has helped me survive….and another thing i have learned is, once you have adjusted to the changed status (which takes some effort, agreed with the quote above) , you don't really feel any effects of it, as in, life aligns itself with the changed status and moves on…..this is true not just for changes in work life, love life, parents, society but also important things like a new phone……and then you are most likely to agree with this….

Just because everything is different doesn't mean anything has changed - Irene Peter

None of the above is rocket science, but i have seen a lot of distinguished people say similar things, so i thought i might as well chip in…..that’s all theory, me and my phone are illustrations…..there are some other illustrations too, lets keep them for some other day….

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Live life to the fullest! said...

True..change and adaptability is challenge only till that needs to be done...once done we dont forget that there was a CHANGE!!