Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Insomniac thinking........

Warning : May not make sense.

A Raja (or DMK) taking steps to fleece the country or the PM ignoring those activities.Having no work or2having but not doing it. Replying back or staying silent. Justified investment with steady assured returns or reckless expenditure with instant gratification (right word that?). Socially active or socially dead. Long term commitment or short term TP. Lying or not saying/concealing the truth. Facts or beliefs. Plans or impulse decisions. To refer or not to refer. Impressions or judgements. Fight Club or Andaaz Apna Apna. Jagjit Singh or Midival Punditz. Lead or be lead. Complaint or action. Forget or remember. Evade or own up. Fight or forgive. Aromas or CCD. Goa or Rohtang Pass. Alone or lonely. Coffee or Tea. R.Guha or C.Bhagat (please dnt kill me for mentioning both in the same sentence. I can't sleep!). Viru or Dravid. Sachin in form or Sachin otherwise. Mumbai rains or Delhi winter.Bus or auto. Bus or car. Auto or car. Blue or silver. Cricket or football. Sex sells or SRK sells. Alone or with someone. Nokia or ofcourse,nokia!

Been trying to sleep for 2 hours now.

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