Thursday, December 2, 2010

Now that was a quickie.....

Just cant sleep. How much can i read and how much can i surf?? In that case,one thinks.

Today morning I adjusted the date on my watch to 1st,it was showing 31st. I then realised its December again. And my new year party at Goa, was 11 months back!!! 11 months, approx 330 days, Gone just like that. In a jiffy.

It feels like just yesterday when we got up and left for Goa. Spent 3 days of doing nothing or something irrelevant. Its like last evening i was walking on an empty beach. And someone called and said, 'wow, you sound happy!'. I remember every bit as if I have just come back from there. And today i realise its been 11 months!

My ex-boss used to say you have had a good year if you cannot remember what you did last new year's eve. By that logic, I have had a lousy year. I don't know, cos technically, i haven't.

At work(which more or less decides your moods), there has been appreciation, a promotion, a job change and some more appreciation. Some mentoring done and some recieved. Some leanings, some unlearning. On domestic and social fronts,nothing changed, we are still discussing same issues! I traveled around the country in bits and pieces - connecting with the south and reconnecting with the north. Experienced what winter actually is in Delhi earlier this year. Had a hospital trip. Experienced detachment. Saw people turning rude. Saw people remaining surprisingly cordial. Continued my planning of buying a car. Also effected some changes.

Not a bad year, if not spectacular either.

But all this and a lot more happened so quickly??? Like between yesterday and today???

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suku said...

u also ended ur undisputed rule of d room;);)