Friday, January 28, 2011

Grave thoughts....

Did that sun sign change thing make any difference?
Why did BJP commit political suicide with it's Ekta Yatra when it was in a good position against the govt on corruption and governance issues?
Do all those temples, mazhaars, fountains, lakes that claim to fulfill any wish really work?
Kalmadi fired from CWG OC post or saved from being directly implicated?
There must be better way of marking Republic Day / Independence day than playing 'deshbhakti' songs and movies?
Watever happened to Lucky Ali? Lovely singer....
Given my need (ok, greed too, but then we all work for it ,ok??) for money, will it make sense to take a few steps back ...or should it be an all things considered move?
Who will win the ICC WC 2011?
Whats with the Padma awards being given to a 1000 ppl, at this rate i'll get one in some time.... I wonder why it would be - sensless blogging, being materialistic or somthing meaningful?
How important is numerology, apart from kundlis, vastu and so on? ( btw, what happens to all the kundlis matched earlier if the new sunsigns are allocated - is the believer shaken or in denial?)
Will Test cricket survive.?
It took the killing of an IAS officer to become aware of a adulteration scam? And am i supposed to believe R.R.Patil when he says no neta involved?
Will i ever go on road trip on bike?
Will i do that by car - u bet!
How rude will i have to be to be rude enough for the guy to know i hate him.... Yeah yeah, I know guys dont take hints - obvious, strong or otherwise....

These are the things I am wondering about as I am about to sleep - at a time when your brain is supposed to go to sleep, my brain works overtime. My ex - boss used to say he is a second shift worker, works post lunch. I am a graveyard shift worker (this fact should help on the few steps back decision). Hmmm.....

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akash.Ingle said...

I totally get the point... Well lots of unanswered questions. Some will be answered i suppose, some will never be... Thats life..