Thursday, January 27, 2011

Animation movies.....

Till about last year, I wasnt really one to watch animation movies. Thought them childish. I think the only animation movie I had seen (in a movie hall ) was Krishna,in 2006, and that was also to while away time till the next show of Munnabhai started. For some reason I always think of Avatar as an animation movie. That was my first 3D movie too. Since then I have seen a few 2D/ 3D animation movies - How to train your dragon, Toy Story 3, Megamind, Tangled etc. Not all were seen out of choice, but now its kind off likable experience.
Saw Tangled today. This one was more 3D than any other 3D movie i have seen. As in, I could clearly get the that were supposed to jump onto me!

Someone I know used to say : we are all products of what we are exposed to. This is kind of true.

While there were some kids my age too, the hall was full of kids under 10 and their parents. Going by the questions, interpretations, perceptions thesr kids showed, i can say this generation is smarter than previous ones. Maybe our elders also thought so. But the only difference is the kind of things each generation is exposed to.

Anyways, the joy of animated movies is always in the colour they offer. That is always kind of lost in those 3D glasses. And its all shaky if you remove the glasses.

Has there been an animated movie with 'decent and civil' storyline more suited to adults?

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