Sunday, January 23, 2011

Out shopping for stuff……

Shopping they say is like a therapy. Or a massage. It ends up leaving you feeling good. Women feel it more than men do (though i know a few men who also feel good after a shopping session).

People have different takes on this. One friend says the process of trying on clothes and shoes and accessories and so on and the realisation that they look good in those makes them feel good. Window shopping has a similar effect it seems, just that there is some imagination required.Fair enough, but then how do you explain happiness when you buy beer or electronic goods or cell phone? There has to be more right.

Another friend says she feels happy when she spends money, that it gives a sense of power and joy when you are able to buy what you want  - my only problem is will she feel happy buying medicines....secondly, will she be disappointed, sad if she doesn't have enough money to but what she wants.

For me, getting something new was exciting but did not really help change a state of mind or so i believed will happen. Another friend says it doesn't really matter – after some days you are back to normal mindf*&^ing life. So i don't know.

In an interesting blog, Bhargav seems to be saying real happiness comes from not overvaluing the value of money and time in our life. Its about being content with what you have got or can get. The acquisition of wealth (and hence effectively shopping) are just superficial joys, especially when coupled with  time, which we can run out of all of a sudden .But it seems to discount personal ambition, wishes and responsibilities.

Once, my boss had asked me why buying a car is so important for you. I just said its a landmark. Car by this time, house by that and so on. That's what drives me to office everyday, that what makes me work. but about a year back, i seem to have lost that drive, Various reasons. But just lost that will.

I finally decided to buy a car. Ok, i know i have decided earlier too.... But this time, i have booked it! So now, all of a sudden, i have regained focus. Cos I cannot afford to be fired from my job, in fact i need the growth more than i did in the last one year. There is a again a spring in the step, a reason to go to office and get on with work, a reason to move on to in life. I don't know how to explain this to my bosses at the appraisal time or to anyone else, but that what it is.

Now its just the wait for it to come. excruciating.

In the meantime, here is a glimpse of how it will look. Got it from a current user. Interesting reviews and pictures.



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