Monday, March 14, 2011

She went on a trip with me….

Well, a drive at least…..longer than the long drives to Belapur we do weekly….. Drove upto the Aamby Valley near Lonavla.




Dunno why the photographer thought this is a good snap taking place….


On the way to Lonavla….


Almost at Lonavla….

100_7455 100_7455


Some views from the window… next time I'll take a better photographer…promise!!

100_7462 100_7459

Fairly good road. Uphill, curvy, fun. 90 HP used to hilt! The photographer could not capture the real curves or slopes – the camera was busy being kept in one corner!


The photographer!

 100_7467  100_7469 100_7470 13032011319

Some views from up there…… we did not really hang around for the sunset, though it is beautiful at this place. Was really irritated looking at all the broken beer bottles,plastic cups, packets strewn around. This may not be a hep tourist spot, but no civic sense at all?



Beauty and Beast??? She did real well off road!

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