Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Same thought, different situations...

Tomorrow morning, me and my dad will wake with the same thought : what am i going to do about my life??

Ok, what all can you think happened between 1st June 1977 and 31st May 2011?

9 cricket world cups
amitabh bacchan - before and after
sunil gavaskar - cricketer, retired and commentator, active
tendulkar's 22 year and going career
cold war
berlin wall fell
kargil war happened
Osama created, Osama irritated, 9/11, Osama killed
babri masjid case, opening of locks, demolition, ensuing conflicts
lokpal bill drafts
womens reservation bill drafts
small world
mobile phones
T20 cricket
Rekha aged (or, did she???)
Liberalisation, Globalisation, Privatisation
CPI ruled in west bengal
Jayalalitha and Karunanidhi ruled TN in turns
lalu prasad went but the aloo in samosa stayed
Inclusive growth
small town cricketers
regional parties
page 3
maruti car
IT fueled growth
and such many more things. These are top of the mind.

In the same period, through all the above things, dad worked in the same company, with same focus, same dedication, same sincerity. Felicitations galore, across all the departments he worked in all those years.

I am in the 6th year of my proffesional career and in my 4th company. Lets not talk about focus, dedication, sincerity.

I already wish to retire. Just that i dont know i'll do what after that?

(Well, i can try and sleep during day time)


suku said...

Awwww....he will also know soon..what is to be done:)

Anonymous said...