Monday, August 1, 2011

Testing my luck....

Ok, we know about TA luck, my luck and so on. (No, this is not about the Thailand trip,that is happening, expect for number of participants, rest all is as per plan).

Do not laugh, because it is not funny. I am serious. Today, i did the unthinkable. I have registered myself for the 2012 Mumbai Marathon, to be held in January 2012. 21 kms. The idea is not so much to win the marathon as it is to participate and compete. (IOA and Dhoni's spirit of cricket zindabad!). The idea is also to make myself getup and go ahead and prepare for the marathon. By doing that, i might just to do my body and soul a favour in terms of fitness. As my 20 minute brisk evening walk ( ok, ok, stroll) showed, i am far from fit to walk the 21 km, let alone run. (I think, after Thailand, i'll join a gym in some distant place like mulund or koparkhairane. That way, i'll put my car and bike to better use as well.)

Now, you may wonder how does my luck get tested here. Its simple - i have registered, but it seems my participation will be confirmed by the organisers on the basis of a lottery system. Historically, i have never been a beneficiary of any lottery system. So I shouldnt expect to be selected here as well. But, we know, in my case, if anything that can cause some trouble is likely to happen, it will. And what would cause me greater trouble - being selected and working out OR being rejected and same lazy life?

Its funny, i would infer my luck has improved, if the lesser of 2 sad things happen!

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