Monday, August 1, 2011

Thailand checklist........

  • Time – set out
  • Money – set out (hopefully)
  • Partners – were set out. All were ready. Now Partner 1 is on the way but still tentative, Partner 2 is uncharacteristically tentative but characteristically silent. Partner 3 is more than ready but God, parents and wife haven't approved plan. Partner 4 doesn't know if he is ready; God, parents and wife are immaterial things.
  • Plan – more or less set out. we go, we see, we roam, we decide what to do next, repeat, we come back.
  • Travel tips – taken
  • Things to do – listed (Huge list, priority needs to be set out yet, but we are missing THE PARTY by a day. Typical, but then TA luck never was in line with the moon)
  • Things not to do – noted (Another huge list)
  • Places to go - Tiger temple, Pattaya, anythig else, Pattaya, some other place, Pattaya, and maybe Koh Samet. Lets see. We have kept this flexible.
  • Places not to go - some crocodile park
  • Shopping – done (if you can count one pair of shorts as shopping that is)
  • Shopping list – noted
  • Suggestions - welcome
  • Climate / weather related info - sought

Siddhesh says "(with this trip) i are not even losing your (travel) virginity, but you are straight away becoming a travel whore".

Guess, I don't mind. So planning a trip like one. Experienced people may help with their inputs.

Guess I am all set to go. All I have to do, is land there now.

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