Monday, October 10, 2011

No more saving for a rainy day.....

The biggest fuckup with insomnia is that around 2 in the night, you feel hungry.

Now you are sufficiently lazy to not get up and go get a biscuit or 2. Even if you do go, its so bloody quite in the night(which i love, no doubt) that any sound is amplified and wakes up dad who will claim to have slept just a minute back. So first you have to explain why you are stil awake (as is the norm, all 17 year old gals or anyone deemed to be one by parents are expected to explain all actions to parents. This way they its ensured ki bacche bigad te nahi)

And also the small matter of encountering a lizard (something i hate to look at) who may or may not be around (why take the chance?).

So, with this in view, me and sis (a fellow insomniac) decided its prudent to keep a packet of biscuits in our room. Only for 'emergency situations'.

Well, emergency presented itself that very night, with mom taking ill in the middle of night with a throbbing headache (which wasn't due to her usual BP problem) and ended when i went and fetched a doctor and necessary medication was given. She finally dozed off and me and sis got the biscuit packet out, we were hungry.

And that explains why i hate to save for a rainy day, it bloody pours immediately!

This is not to say you shouldn't save, but, on the other hand, saving for a good thing is good. That planned good thing may not happen but some other good may. (Like how my London fund funded car and Thailand trip).

But do invest in insurance with guaranteed return plan, you never know when it will rain!

PS : i walked out and got biscuits and now i'll get back to trying to sleep.


suku said...

arey...biscuit ka packet fir bhi rakhna;);)

Rachit Tiwari said...

yeah yeah.... vo to insurance with guaranteed return plan hain na!